Are Parallel Bars Beneficial For Kids?

Are Parallel Bars Beneficial For Kids?

Other than being a piece of equipment in the outdoor or indoor gym for them to play on, one may wonder whether parallel bars serve any tangible benefits for growing kids. It may come as a surprise that there are indeed a range of mental and physical benefits for children who use parallel bars in their physical routines. In this post, we will discuss the ways in which parallel bars can benefit children.

Training Children Physically

One of the most straightforward benefits of parallel bars is that they are a fun form of physical activity that can help to stimulate muscle growth in children. At the same time, it helps to build strength in children, especially of the upper body variety.  

Using parallel bars also requires the engagement of multiple joints and muscles to stabilize the body, which helps children develop stronger coordination. Besides that, playing on parallel bars enable children to burn calories alongside training muscle control and building strength.

Developing Creativity and Imagination

Kids tend to let their imagination take over when they are playing or engaging in physical activity. For example, kids are not limited to using their arms when playing on parallel bars. They will figure out novel ways of playing such as hanging off the bars with their hands and feet or swinging onto the other bar with their bodies. As such, parallel bars can act as an outlet for their imagination, incorporating stories and movements into their playtime that adults would hardly think of!

Movement is a huge indicator of how children are developing mentally, emotionally, socially, and physically. At the same time, it helps them to discover what their bodies can do and allows them to build more confidence in themselves.

Building Resilience

Parallel bars also help to build resilience in kids. Making it through the entire length of parallel bars may not be an easy feat as their bodies still lack the strength and muscle control of adults. However, this particular challenge can help in building resilience when children set goals and aim to make it through the bars. Parallel bars also help to hone problem solving skills when kids find alternatives to make it through the bars instead of merely using their arms.

Parallel Bars are Beneficial for Children

Overall, parallel bars present a wide variety of benefits for children that can help stimulate both their mental and physical growth. It helps to build their confidence and explore what their bodies are capable of, developing a deeper sense of self-awareness and understanding. Through using parallel bars during their physical activity, they are subconsciously instilling the idea of resilience and the ability to problem solve in their young minds.

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