Can Kids Have Too Much Exercise?

Can Kids Have Too Much Exercise?

Children have plenty of energy; they play at school, get home and want to play some more. All these playing is a form of exercise and if you do not regulate the amount of exercise they are having, your little ones might get restless. Parents in America do not need to worry about their kids getting too much exercise as recess is usually very short. Additionally, there is very little physical education happening in schools and kids do not get ample opportunities to be active. Parents of children who are active and indulge in a number of sports should watch out for signs of exhaustion or injuries while they exercise. There are a number of factors that determine the type and amount of physical activity your child should indulge in including:

  • Interests
  • Age
  • Fitness levels

Below are some guidelines to keep in mind while watching your child’s exercise levels:

Incorporate these Three Types of Exercise

Children and adults alike need different types of exercises to avoid injures and stay healthy. These exercises include:

  • Muscle strengthening: Kids should work their muscles at least three days a week. Activities like gymnastics, rock climbing and push-ups use their bodies as resistance, and this works their muscles. A right coach will teach older teens and children how to work on their muscles using resistance weights and bands for better results.
  • Aerobic exercises: Any activity that gets the lungs and heart pumping is a form of aerobic activity. Such activities like hiking, walking to school, and skateboarding, go a long way in helping curb childhood obesity and other diseases. It is recommended that children have at least three days a week of vigorous aerobic activities such as running or swimming to keep them healthy.
  • Weight-bearing exercises: Exercises like skipping, running or jumping at least 3 days a week will help children build strong bones.

Look Out for Signs of Burnout

If your child looks injured, exhausted or he is unable to fully recover from a workout, this could be an indication that he is training too hard. Another common burnout signal is when your child loses interest in an activity he or she used to enjoy. As a parent, it is your duty to keep your child mentally and physically healthy by encouraging them to try out various sports throughout the year. Just be careful not to push your children past their limits as it increases the risks of injuries.

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Target at least 60 minutes of Physical Activity a Day

According to CDC guidelines, all children 6 years and above should have at least 60 minutes of physical activity a day, bearing in mind that they do not have to do everything at once. Kids should have about 15 minutes of activity per hour or about 3 hours of activity in a day so that they stay awake. Children should be encouraged to move around every few minutes since they have a shorter attention span compared to adults.

Lookout for Burnout