Can Regular Exercise Make Kids Smarter?

Can Regular Exercise Make Kids Smarter?

It is common knowledge that regular exercise will do your body good, but what about its effects on the brain? Can regular exercise boost your child’s learning abilities? Recent studies have indicated that there is a positive impact of movement on a child’s brain and that exercise boosts mental capacity. Some research suggests that you exercise while learning while other studies suggest exercising after learning is better. Some evidence has also shown that children who exercise have better memory, cognitive function, and improved ability to focus. If you still have doubts about exercise and the positive impact it has on your child’s cognitive functions, discussed below are some important points to give you a clearer understanding.

A Dose of Exercise is Enough to Boost Learning Capabilities

This study showed that walking fast for about 20 minutes (which is about 60% of the maximum heart rate) on a treadmill, greatly improved a 10-year old’s reading comprehension skills. This exercise also proved to be quite beneficial for children with ADHD in particular.

Exercising After Learning Increases Retention

This study suggested that exercise plays a major part in consolidating memories; transfer of memories from short-term to long-term. The study involved people exercising for four hours after taking a memory test, which involved viewing and trying to remember very detailed pictures.  The results showed those who exercised after taking the test had better retention 24 hours later than the ones who did not exercise.

Children Who Exercise are Less Likely to be Depressed

Due to the many pressures of life itself, many children can fall into the abyss that is anxiety and depression. This study, however, suggested that physically active children are less likely to be at risk of depression and anxiety. This is a good thing especially at a time when anxiety and depression among children are on the rise in most of the western countries.

Exercise Improves Motor Skills Learning

This study indicates that undergoing a 15-minute round of cardiovascular exercise greatly improved brain efficiency and connectivity. It was also observed that there was a significant improvement in the performance of a difficult motor skills task 24 hours post-learning it after engaging in an aerobic bike riding exercise for just 15 minutes.

A Little Bit of Exercise Improves a Child’s Focus

This study showed that just four minutes of in-class exercise or “FUNtervals” in other words, significantly increased the focus capabilities of children aged between 9 and 11 years old.

With all this research, one can say beyond a reasonable doubt that indeed, exercise is not only good for your child's health, but it also enhances learning and cognitive functions. Access to cellphones should be restricted and children should be encouraged to go out more and engage in other activities like riding a bike and playing football. Bottom line; if you want your kids to become smarter and grow more holistically then take them out to play.

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