Designing A Family Fitness Program

Designing A Family Fitness Program

Your family’s health should always come first and for most people this is true, their main concern is always the health of family members. They do not want to see a family member unwell or sick from something that could have been preventable. While we all know that healthy eating habits are essential to maintaining good health, regular exercise can sometimes be overlooked as also contributing to good health and preventing illness.

Leading An Active Lifestyle For Your Family

How to keep your family active and keeping fit may seem a challenge at first but if you don’t prioritize it and  make an effort to begin it may never happen. Maybe start by getting all the family together and discussing just what you have in mind and why you want everyone to get active. Letting your family members be honest and  evaluate where they stand in terms of physical fitness. Usually yourself and your family members will fall into one four categories in terms of fitness. The first one being Inactive, which means someone who does nothing more what they need to do in a daily task such as getting dressed, cooking or cleaning. The second one is Low, which may include some extra activity such as walking or doing a short workout. These extra activities usually last no more than 150 minutes per week. The third category is Medium, this means someone is doing at least 150 to 300 minutes of extra activity per week. Lastly there is High and is always around 300 minutes to five hours extra of activities through the week. Once you have all evaluated where you stand in regards to fitness levels, you can then brainstorm on how to change your habits and achieve better results in terms of fitness and activity.

Staying Active Together

Once you have brainstormed some ideas it will be time to put them into practice. Finding at least 25 minutes everyday that is convenient for everyone, you can then plan which exercises or activities you and your family can participate in. Even such activities as all taking your family dog for a brisk 30 minute walk around the neighborhood can be one. Simply taking the long way walking to the local store to buy groceries can be another, enjoying the time spent together without being in a rush. Going to your local sports and recreation center for details about any upcoming family friendly classes that may be offer is also a great way to all engage in exercise, while also socializing with other members of your community.

Setting Goals And Sticking To Them

It is one thing for you to read this information and think it may be a good idea but unless you act on your family’s fitness program by creating goals and sticking to them, much of what your hard work may go to waste. Ensuring your goals are realistic, convenient and  achievable for all, will go a long way to helping your family in their quest to lead a healthier and more active life.