Enhancing Your Child's Cardio Endurance

Enhancing Your Child's Cardio Endurance

The most important type of fitness for a healthy life is cardiovascular fitness. By enhancing your child’s cardio endurance, it will improve your child’s development significantly as well. This is especially important if your child or over or underweight. It is recommended that children engage in cardio activities on a regular basis, optimally sixty minutes of physical activity every day and three hours of strength training per week. As all children love playing, it may be boring for them to have to perform cardio activities when they could be playing with their friends at the playground instead. As such, a great way to engage them would be for parents to join them in the activities as well. Improving cardio endurance is not only beneficial for children, but they are also beneficial to parents as well. Read on to find out ways that you can improve your child’s cardio endurance.


By having a well-balanced diet, it can help improve your child’s endurance. Parents should try to incorporate nutritious food in a child’s diet to provide them with more energy throughout the day. It is also recommended that parents try to encourage some healthy eating habits in their child’s daily life such as by encouraging them to make healthy food choices. Examples of foods that increase stamina include bananas and iron-rich foods. A guide to improve your child’s diet is to ensure that there is a mix of food from the five food groups – vegetables and fruits, whole-grains, low-fat diary and lean protein food.

Daily Activities

Parents can incorporate physical activities into their child’s daily activities. Examples can be as simple as having their child walk an hour a day, to activities such as swimming, jogging or cycling. By mixing up these activities, it makes sure that your child does not get bored having to repeat the same activity every day. These activities can also help your child perform better in other types of fitness. In the long run, these help your child build up their cardio endurance, and help them lead a healthy and fit lifestyle.

Involve them in Sports

Sports are a fun way to keep children engaged and motivated to keep active. Adding in the factor of competition, it will hold their interest to stay fit and active. Moreover, they would also require other form of aerobic activities to ensure that they are performing well in these sports.

As a parent, you have a responsibility to ensure that your child lead a healthy and active lifestyle at a young age. It is important for kids to gets enough exercise, depending on their age. So, do try to encourage your child to be creative and proactive. Your kids will love it even more if you join in the fun as well!

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