Fun Indoor Exercises For Kids

Fun Indoor Exercises For Kids

Physical exercise is important to children as much as it is to adults. They actually need it more. Especially during this technology run era, parents need to make sure their children are engaging in physical activities. Needless to say, a child who exercises is one whose academic performance, attitude, and immense cognitive abilities will improve.

Fun indoor exercises are very effective. Whether it is a weather inconvenience or a mandatory lockdown, these exercises will keep your kids in shape. There are also various types of kid-friendly equipment that are used for such purposes.


You can start with something as basic and easy such as push-ups. To start them off, have them lean against the wall. Once they are comfortable with that, they can try it on their knees. As they advance you can turn up the heat by letting them do it on their toes. You can let them adjust at their own pace based on their physical ability and age. This fun indoor activity helps in building multitasking skills and builds muscles and abs. It also helps with weight loss.

Jump Rope

This is as easy as it is inexpensive. You just need a jump rope or an improvised lightweight rope. You may need to demonstrate then let them explore. This helps in brain development, spatial awareness, and mental alertness. It is also a full-body workout.


Squats are a bit more challenging compared to other indoor exercises. You can do these in moderation. Slowly and steadily descend with your legs apart till you are at the squat position. For beginners, you can immediately rise and repeat it for 15-20 times. As you advance, you can hold the squat position for a few seconds then rise and also increase the number of squats gradually. This will help tone and strengthen your kid’s lower body muscles. This is important because kids tend to overwork these muscles doing day-to-day activities.

Jumping Jacks

This fun indoor activity is similar to jump rope. In this case, you don’t require any equipment. The child needs to jump and move their hands up and down like starfish. This simple exercise has mind-blowing benefits. It helps regulate heart rate, improves blood flow throughout the whole body, maintains blood pressure, and does away with bad cholesterol.

Balance On One Leg

This is another challenging workout activity. The child needs to try and stand still on one leg. It might take time but it is worth it. You can try encouraging them by letting them act as their favorite superheroes. Balancing on one leg helps improve balance, helps in sports performances, and also helps prevent falls that may lead to serious injuries.

Use Of An Indoor Home Gym

You can purchase an indoor gym set that will keep them busy. It is an investment that you will not regret in the long run. They usually have monkey bars and a ladder. They are also made out of durable stainless steel. They help your children keep busy and have fun while working out. They also exercise their muscles and eventually they may develop greater interests in sports.

These are just a few of many fun indoor exercises for your kids. They have plenty of health benefits and also help to impart discipline to your child.