Healthy Parents Make Healthy Children

Healthy Parents Make Healthy Children

Is your child staying fit and active? Statistics show that only 1 in 3 American children are physically active every day. On average, children and teens spend over 7 hours each day on mobile devices, computers and TVs or other electronic devices. In sports and games, less than 50% of the time spent can actually be counted as physical activity, as much time is spent pausing or being in a state of active rest. One third of children in the United States is either overweight or obese – with a 70% chance of remaining overweight into their adulthood. As parents, we need to continually engage our children in physical activities, and if the child seems unmotivated, the most encouraging thing to do could be for us to exercise along with them – especially if in involves doing activities that are fun for both parents and kids. Here are some ways in which parents can keep kids on track with their health.

Find A Fun Activity To Do

When something is fun, it’s never a chore. Get your kids interested in softball, Frisbee, soccer, or any other active game they may take a liking to. These are games that parents and kids can play together, as well, and can make for great and memorable family time on Sundays or even weekdays.

Choose Activities That Aid In Child Development

Marathon running or weight lifting may not be very appropriate for a 7 year old child, but there are plenty of other activities that support child development. Riding a bicycle or swimming, on the other hand, helps with motor functions, and team sports help with aspects such as hand eye coordination and being in social groups.

Invest In A Home Gym Playground

A great way to creatively challenge your children is with a  home gym playground set. Every morning, your child can look forward to playing in a safe, indoor gym designed to provide fun, entertainment and also a solid workout for both parents and kids. Home gym playgrounds have benefited countless families, with parents and children alike able to play together in a stimulating way.

Create The Right Environment

Play time is fun, but can also be ruined. To maximize the effectiveness of play time, some preparation is needed. Plan and schedule allocated time slots for your child to do physical activities. Ensure there is no noise disturbance, that you are able to supervise them (if they are very young), and that they stick to a schedule so that they can look forward to the playtime regularly. Also, make sure they have the right attire which is comfortable, and that the environment is safe for them.

Keep Distractions Away

During playtime, keep the phones and tablets away. Even better, limit the time they are allowed to use the computer or watch TV. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, the recommended amount of screen time (across all devices) for children is no more than 1 to 2 hours a day. The rest of the time can be spent doing other beneficial activities.