How To Make Your Child Fall In Love With Exercise

How To Make Your Child Fall In Love With Exercise

We all know that regular exercise is important for everyone. However, as your child gets older, it may be increasingly harder for him or her to get enough daily activity. There’s no doubt that kids are extremely active and love to move around, being able to run around at the playground for hours. However, these playing activities may not be able to help lead your kids to a lifetime of being active.  

Benefits of Exercising

There are multiple reasons why exercising is important for your kids, and the most important benefit would be that it helps fight obesity. Obesity in children has been a growing concern over the years, due to excessive calorie consumption and inadequate physical exercise. This puts them at greater risk of developing life-threatening cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. Childhood obesity can also cause problems related to low self-esteem and depression. Experts say that children need more exercise than adults, up to 1 hour per day. As parents, it is important that we inculcate such practices in our children early so that it can benefit them later in life. By encouraging your child to exercise regularly will help in boosting your child’s immune system, keeping them healthy and away from illnesses.

Exercise also helps in the overall development of your child, in terms of physical and mental areas. It assists in the development of gross and fine motor skills such as the refined use of the muscles in the hand, fingers and thumb for writing etc. It also provides opportunities to develop your child’s social skills and make friends, especially when you are exercising in a group or engaging in a team sport. Studies have shown that exercising can help to improve focus and school performance. Simply put, exercise helps make your child smarter.

Ways to Encourage Your Child to Exercise

There are a lot of ways to encourage your child to exercise. First, limit the amount of time they spend watching tv, playing computer or video games or doing other sedentary activities. You need to choose the right activity for your child’s age so that your child doesn’t get bored or frustrated. Alternatively, you can also provide equipment, sign your kids up for classes or sports team, or take them to playgrounds and other active spots regularly. The key here is keep these activities fun for your kids. When your kids enjoy doing an activity, they will want to do it more.

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