Indoor Home Gym Product Spotlight: Protective Mats

Indoor Home Gym Product Spotlight: Protective Mats

An inactive or sedentary lifestyle often involves a lot of lying and sitting down, with minimal or no exercise. Not only in the U.S. but across the globe, more people than ever are spending time doing sedentary activities. The problem is that children are doing it too! During our leisure time, we often sit while playing video games, watching TV, using the computer, and more. In addition to that, most of us get around via trains, buses, and cars. All of these involve sitting.

The Downsides of Leading an Inactive Lifestyle

Below is a list of problems that one may develop if he or she maintains a sedentary lifestyle:

  • The individual may develop a hormonal imbalance
  • The individual's body may be more prone to inflammation
  • The individual may have poorer blood circulation
  • The individual may have a weaker immune system
  • The individual may lower his or her metabolism (this makes it difficult for the body to break down sugars and fats)
  • The individual's bones may lose some mineral content and weaken as a result
  • The individual may lose muscle endurance and/or strength
  • The individual is more likely to gain weight due to burning fewer calories on a day-to-day basis

A Path Toward Better Health

Kids who are six years of age and older should exercise and play for at least an hour or more per day. This does not have to be done all at once as the children can be active several times throughout the day. Similar to adults, kids need at least three different types of exercises. It should be a balanced mix of bone-strengthening, muscle strengthening, aerobics. In some cases, an activity may count as more than one type of exercise.

When it comes to adopting an active lifestyle, there is something for everyone. Consider trying different activities to determine what your child likes and if he or she finds joy in it. If you notice that your child loves going to playgrounds, you may consider installing an indoor home gym for kids. This way, they can continue exercising and playing even when it's raining or snowing heavily outside.

In addition to purchasing and installing indoor playground equipment, parents should aim to be healthy role models for their children as well. It is a great idea to plan regular family outings where everyone exercises together. If you have just started out incorporating exercise into your family’s lifestyle, you might want to celebrate with action. Instead of rewarding your kids with food or gifts, let them pick an activity.

But Wait – Safety First!

If you have installed an indoor playground for your little ones, we are happy for you! You should, however, purchase safety equipment such as protective mats beforehand. They are the ideal mats for gymnastics movements and general physical play. The mats are designed to protect vulnerable areas of the body (e.g., leg joints) that require cushioning from accidental falls or during vigorous exercises. That's not all though; gym mats also prevent the equipment from scraping floors if they shift positions from all the jumping.

Fitness Kid offers single, double folded, and triple folded protective mats. They are also available in various color combinations like green and yellow; blue and yellow, and orange and yellow. They are sure to add a pop of color to any space!

If you want to learn how to assemble our indoor playground equipment or have more sales inquiries, don't hesitate to contact Fitness Kid today!