Keeping Kids Occupied During The COVID-19 Outbreak

Keeping Kids Occupied During The COVID-19 Outbreak

The COVID-19, a.k.a. coronavirus, is having an effect that few have seen during their entire lives. Celebrities are canceling or rescheduling concerts, businesses are closing temporarily, meetings and competitions are canceled, sporting events are on shaky ground, airplane travel is discouraged, and more. In fact, many schools are closing!

Even if a child's school is not officially closed, many parents are keeping them home for fear of infection on the playground and through other general contact. But if you're going to keep your child home from school, what on earth are you going to do with them to keep them occupied, other than keeping up with their studies?

Best Rule of Thumb

Whether self-quarantined or out of necessity, kids staying home will feel safer with a routine. While they are home from school, these tips should help encourage and maintain stability.


  • Create a daily plan with the involvement of your children. That way, they get to participate in devising the plan and they'll be more vested in it. Feel free to inquire as to how they feel they might best enjoy their day.
  • The same as any other day, stick to your basic meal plan.
  • Their sleep schedule should be kept as normal as possible, as well.

The TV (or, more accurately, the lack thereof):

  • Don't let your television be a babysitter.
  • Work with your kids to learn a new recipe, do a fun art project, or learn an exercise routine. A home gym would be the ideal solution here.
  • TV time must be earned. If your kids are older, in exchange for time on their video games, see if they’ll help around the house. Not only will that be of assistance to you, it will teach them a little independence.

Number three – As a parent, your survival is crucial (if not tenuous!):

  • Don't be afraid to ask for assistance if you need it.
  • Try to keep your sense of humor.

Telling Your Kids About the Virus

Not all kids are going to understand what's going on. Most adults are having trouble with it, truth be told. Be as honest as you can with your children. When you talk to them, don't talk at a level that's over their heads. Put it in words they'll understand. Above all else, don't scare them, but make sure they have an appreciation for the seriousness of washing their hands, not touching their face, etc.

Fitness Kid to the Rescue!

Without proper exercise, there's every chance that your young student is going to become cranky indeed! Particularly during these uncertain and infectious times, the last thing you need is a moody child with time on their hands. To keep them happy and active, a home gym could be just what you need. What's more, to make it more interesting and enjoyable, you can join the fun! Kids love that. It's entertaining for them, if nothing else.

By offering high-quality, top rated mats, gym equipment, and other accessories, we, at Fitness Kid, help boost not only the level of fun at your home but the physical development of your child. Send us an email at or call us on 833-FIT-KIDS for more information.