Playground Equipment Provides Excellent Sensory Experiences

Playground Equipment Provides Excellent Sensory Experiences

Playing at the playground is a lot more than just fun and games. By figuring out how to interact with others and share space, children learn social skills that they can use later on in life. When playing in the sun, kids get Vitamin D while burning energy and building muscles. Activities such as climbing, sliding and spinning trigger the development of important body systems. They build motor skills, core strength and enhance the vestibular system which helps with coordination and balance.

Playgrounds provide kids with input that stimulates their senses, teaching them how to regulate themselves. While playing, kids get to touch a variety of textures from grass and mulch, to the smooth metal of the equipment.

Benefits of Playground Equipment

Let us now take a look at how different types of playground equipment contribute to sensory stimulation.

  • Swings: Swinging builds core strength and enhances the vestibular system. Swings relax an overstimulated child since they have a calming effect.
  • Slide: By climbing up the slide, kids build coordination and develop strength in their legs and arms. Sliding down the slide allows them to increase vestibular involvement.
  • Monkey bars: Hanging onto monkey bars strengthens fingers and hands, which helps kids with their handwriting. Monkey bars also build core strength and help kids develop motor skills.
  • Sand pit: When kids play with sand, the digging and piling motion sharpens their fine motor skills and improves build sensory integration. They also build balance by walking on this uneven terrain. Some sand pits have construction style diggers that help kids build coordination and upper body strength while digging.

Parents should Give Children More Freedom during Playtime

Parents should let kids be kids. Do not interfere or interrupt your kids while they play. Let them make mistakes and fall. This helps them gain confidence in themselves and allows them to develop a sense of independence. It is hard for parents to let go of control but a good parent understands that kids are quite smart and they can get themselves out of challenging situations. For example, if a child was able to climb onto a raised platform, they are likely able to get themselves down.

Play is important in the development of a child. When they play with friends at the playground, they pick up a number of important skills that will prove useful once they grow up.

Do not schedule playtime into your child’s timetable. Let your kids play freely whenever they want to and you will notice an improvement in their general demeanor as well as their attitude in the classroom.

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