Popular Full Body Workout Ideas To Perform On Your Fitness Mat

Popular Full Body Workout Ideas To Perform On Your Fitness Mat

What does your workout include? Do you have a good balance between floor exercises and those which require equipment? Modern gyms contain all sorts of fitness equipment that ranges from simple to high tech. But never fail to appreciate the potential value in a simple exercise mat (fitness mat).

Once upon a time, more homes than not had a fitness mat or exercise mat in them. It's time to revive that trend and use this simple piece of equipment for a full body workout.

With that purpose in mind, so that you can acquaint yourself with this age-old, yet proven piece of exercise equipment, we are going to introduce you to the exercises you need.

Major fitness areas that you can build upon with the right floor mat exercise routine include flexibility, muscle endurance, and core strength. You'll be using both isolation and compound exercises.

What Are Isolation Exercises?

This type of workout concentrates on either one muscle group or one muscle at a time. Decide on the area upon which you would like to focus and exercise it.

What Are Compound Movements?

By making use of two or more joints, several muscle groups are focused on through coordinated actions where compound movements are concerned. Numerous benefits can be achieved by an efficient full body workout using just a few compound exercises.

Finally, here is your list of exercises…

Floor Mat Compound Exercises

The following are compound exercises you can do on a floor mat and which muscles they work:

  • Push-ups – chest (pectorals), shoulders (deltoids), back, abs, triceps.
  • Squats – abs, calves, hamstrings, quads, glutes.
  • Superman (on all fours, leg and arm extensions) – triceps, biceps, quads, lower back, glutes, abs.
  • Lunges – abs, calves, glutes, quads, hamstrings.

Floor Mat Isolation Exercises

Here are some isolation fitness mat exercises and the muscles they work:

  • Plank – abs and back.
  • Bridge (while lying on your back, raise your hips up off the floor) – glutes.
  • Hamstring curl (meant to be done on your hands and knees) – hamstring.
  • Crunch – abs.

Making Everything Work Together

You can enhance your workout and help yourself complete it – as well as improving endurance and muscle strength – with a weekly routine into which you implement the above exercises in an appropriate balance.

Hopefully, you can now see the benefit of a fitness mat: It lets you choose how to work your body, how to work almost each and every muscle, and do it with something as simple as a floor mat when you don't have access to equipment.

Let's face it, if you're traveling on business or for pleasure, it's easier to bring your fitness mat with you than it would be to hunt down a gym in the area or use the questionable equipment at a hotel.

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