The Relationship Between Fitness And Academic Excellence

The Relationship Between Fitness And Academic Excellence

According to research, there is a relationship between academic achievement and physical fitness. One study shows that obese or overweight students fail at least one course.  This is to say that students benefit a lot from physical education classes. Physical education classes not only help students to retain high levels of knowledge when they are healthy, but also become more aware of the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

Ways in which fitness helps to improve the life of the students include:

Helps Students Focus

Adults require some time off from their work in order to focus. The same applies to kids. Students, especially young children who are full of energy, require more than one break in a day from their school work if they are to remain focused. That is why physical education is encouraged. When taking part in physical activities, students are able to burn the excess pent up energy. Without playtime, kids become fidgety and don’t pay attention in the classroom. Parents who homeschool are encouraged to set up indoor home playgrounds/gyms to allow their kids to remain active and engaged.

Reduces Stress Levels

In most school curriculums, students are under pressure to perform better in core subjects. These students are forced to spend more hours after school studying and tackling their homework. This leaves them with little or no time to play. If this is not addressed, it can cause stress to the children and may lead to anxiety. Physical activity is encouraged to get rid of stress and anxiety. It also facilitates stability and emotional resilience.

Instill Positive Behaviors

Most physical activities require students to work as a team. This promotes moral development in a student and also give him or her an opportunity to accept responsibilities for their own actions and question actions by their peers. Dormant students often want to be idle which means they can easily be initiated in negative behaviors.  Students who enroll in after-school activities such as sports remain busy which helps to supplement their improving value system. A student is also able to manage and use their time well.

Social Assimilation

Playtime and physical activities help students to improve in social interaction. Kids learn to corporate and work together with others through various group activities. Playing as a team gives children a sense of identity. As they grow older, social activities continue to play a vital role in their lives. Sports for instance can be used to instill positive character and engage young people as well. Some sports activities require students to take leadership roles which helps them develop leadership skills.

Health And Nutrition

Physical education classes teach about nutrition. Students understand the importance of proper nutrition and the benefits of remaining fit. This information comes in handy to high school students. It is in their adolescent years where students tend to overeat, which can lead to obesity and eating disorders.  With physical education, students understand the importance of key nutrition guidelines and eating well.

With these key points, it is clear that fitness plays an important role to learners. If you homeschool your children, make a point to incorporate physical activities in your child’s curriculum. You can start by investing in fitness equipment for kids.