Top Reasons Why You Should Start Exercising With Your Kids

Top Reasons Why You Should Start Exercising With Your Kids

Did you know that childhood obesity is affecting over 13.7 million children and adolescents in the United States? And this number has been rising at an exponential rate over the years. Childhood obesity has been linked to multiple health and mental issues. Research has also shown that there is a high chance that children who are obese will remain fat even as they enter adulthood, leading to even more severe problems. It is a serious issue in the United States and has to be tackled before it gets too late. Moreover, kids these days are increasing more interested in playing with their electronic gadgets rather than getting out there to play with their peers. This is further exacerbated with the lack of a healthy diet as kids are consuming more fast food and snacks instead. Therefore, to stop all these, it is vital that our kids maintain a healthy level of physical activity. As parents, we should encourage our kids to adopt a more active lifestyle. To better engage our kids in physical activities, we can start exercising with them too. This also serve as a great bonding experience with our kids. In this article, we will discuss some of the top reasons why we should start exercising with our kids today.

Great Bonding Experience for the Family

If kids and parents are glued to their electronic gadgets all day long, there is almost little to no chance for them to interact with each other. By exercising together, this creates a platform for them to communicate and have fun together. Moreover, these activities are physically and emotionally stimulating, making it a fun and memorable experience for both parents and their kids. As a start, you can try to introduce simple and fun exercises to engage your kids. It is important that the exercises that you choose are fun so that your kids will want to continue doing it. As you progress further, it will be great to establish a regular fitness routine by setting aside a fixed amount of time every week to exercise together. This will help you to bond with your kids on a regular basis while doing something that is fun and exciting.

Beneficial for the Family in the Long Run

It is always more useful to be active than to be inactive. By incorporating a regular exercising routine for your kids, they are more likely to follow through it even as they enter adulthood. A great way to make sure that your kids keep an active lifestyle in the long run would be for them to take up sports. You can help your kid to find a sport that he or she likes. There are two main categories of sports – individual sports and team sports. Observe your child to see what kind of sport he or she likes and enroll them in one. You can also start by playing some sports with your kid.

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