Try A Dead Hang Today

Try A Dead Hang Today

Dead hangs can benefit everyone, whether you are a beginner or a pro, or you are simply enthused over fitness. Regardless of which sport you are in or your overall fitness goals, the dead hang will positively impact your functionality and performance. The best thing about dead hangs is you can feel the impact with only a 10-minute workout per week! Basic exercises like pull-ups, chin-ups and back levers can be hard to master if you have not mastered hanging. Activities such as gymnastics and rock climbing require a lot of pulling strength and that is why people who perform them incorporate dead hangs in their workout routines. Below are some of the key benefits of dead hangs:

Increases Forearm Size

If you have always admired beastly forearms, doing a dead hang from a pull-up bar for more than 2 minutes is the exercise for you. This is because your forearms will be under immense tension for the duration of the exercise. Gains in the form of strength and size come from the time your forearms are under tension and from the progressive overload in the form of our bodyweight, for a longer duration per set. Aim to hang on to the bars for at least two minutes per set.

Improves Grip Strength

The best way to get better at gripping bars is to improve your grip strength by performing dead hangs. This type of strength will be useful even while performing other basic exercises like chin-ups, pull-ups and level variations. If you want to build a specific type of grip strength like a suicide grip or an underhand grip, you will benefit better if you apply the same exact grip when doing your dead hangs.

Decompresses the Spine

Dead hangs are a great alternative to inversion tables and gravity boots when you want to decompress your spine. They are inexpensive and you do not require a lot of space like you would need to set up an inversion table. A number of activities contribute to compressing your spine. For example, sitting on a chair for a long time, laying on your back as you sleep or simply standing up for prolonged periods of time. All these activities have detrimental effects on your spine over the long-term. A dead hang stretches your upper body and decompresses your spine at no extra cost.

Increases Shoulder's Range of Motion

Dead hangs increase your shoulder's range of motion since your arms will be extended while body hangs in a relaxed position. An average shoulder range of motion contributes to a poor posture and makes it nearly impossible for you to perform other exercises like overhead presses and overhead squats in their correct forms. 

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