Understanding The Signs Of Overexertion

Understanding The Signs Of Overexertion

Exercise is a fantastic way to keep fit, both physically and mentally. It is vital to ensure that you are not overexerting yourself, especially if you have just started on a new exercise routine. If you are a senior, your body cannot respond to physical exercise as it did when you were much younger. Getting fit is different at various ages and you should not be bothered if the rate of achieving physical fitness is slower. 

Talk to your physician about a reasonable form of exercise that is sustainable for several days in a week. Your physician will advise you according to your age group. Be sensible, learn your limitations and avoid overexertion caused by overenthusiasm. 

Here are some signs that will tell you are overdoing it:


Your exercise regimen should not be strenuous enough to leave you feeling lightheaded and dizzy. This might be a sign that you are exaggerating the exercise and you are pushing your body beyond its limits. It could also be a sign that you are not fueling your body sufficiently before the workout, which leads to a drop in your blood pressure. If you feel dizzy, immediately look for a place to sit down and drink some water to see if you feel any better.


Your exercise should never leave you feeling nauseated. Such a symptom could only mean you are pushing your body too hard or you need to take a snack. If you feel nauseous, stop exercising immediately, try taking deep breaths and drink some water as it helps to ease nausea.


A workout is not comfortable when you are pushing your body beyond its normal limits. While some discomfort is normal, sharp pain, tightness, throbbing, or burning sensation from exercise should not be present. This could be a sign of overexertion or injury. If you feel any of these sensations, stop whatever you were doing to avoid worsening the damage. 

Excess Fatigue

An exercise regimen can no doubt be very exhausting when you are exercising. You should, however, feel very invigorated and energized when you are done. If instead, you feel lasting fatigue throughout the day, you might be pushing your body too hard and are experiencing over-exertion.

All these signs should give you an indication of how important it is to have a workout partner or a personal trainer. A professional will help you avoid overexertion by giving you a program that lets you naturally build your activity level and uses essential techniques such as stretches and cooling yourself down.

Most importantly, talk to your physician about exercising safely and listen to what your body is telling you. Most often than not, when your body rejects something, it is probably not suitable for you. Ignoring your body’s pleas for help might land you in a lot of trouble and you may have to spend a lot of money seeking medical treatment for something that could have been easily avoided.

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