What Are The Benefits Of Practicing Negative Pull-Ups?

What Are The Benefits Of Practicing Negative Pull-Ups?

Negative pull-ups are critical in ensuring that one is physically ready to do ordinary pull-ups. Negative pull-ups are a lot like standard pull-ups except for the fact that one concentrates in the downward phase of the normal pullup. In this article, we give you tips on how to do negative pull-ups as well as the benefits that you accrue from this type of exercise.

Preparing for Negative Pull-Ups

When you are looking to do negative pull-ups, you need a variety of equipment. This includes a pull-up bar that you can fit with handles in order to improve your grip. If you or your child are doing this workout for the first time, you may consider having a box or bench that you can step on before you get used to the process.

If the negative pull-ups are meant for a child, you should help them at first until you are sure that they can do negative pull-ups on their play gyms. You should also consider having an assistant to help you if the workout is meant for you. Here then are the benefits of negative pull-ups.

Warm-up for Normal Pull-Ups

When it comes to helping you prepare for normal pull-ups, nothing does the job better than negative pull-ups. The process helps to warm up various muscles such as the biceps which in turn make it easier to perform other exercises as well.

Grip Strength

By strengthening the muscles on the hands and wrists, negative pull-ups are able to build grip strength. This is turn helps in any climbing exercise that the child may do. For example, if you are teaching your child how to climb vertical ladders or frames, this is a great workout to accompany ladder climbing.

Muscle Mass

Building mass and core strength are critical in any sport that your child may be engaged in. From soccer to football, negative pull-ups will help your child build stamina. Another advantage of building core strength is that it makes many other workouts easier.

Body Coordination

Due to the fact that negative pull-ups require a slow descent, performing this workout helps ensure that your child has better body coordination. This is a useful skill when it comes to various sports as well as other workouts.

Improving the Workout

To minimize any risk of injury, it helps to start slowly and work progressively to doing more negative pull-ups. A good target at the start is 10 negative pull-ups and keep doing them until it becomes easy. You can then increase the negative pull-ups by five at a time until you can do more. This should also apply if you are helping your child and you must never push them if they are unable to get to their target pull-ups. As you continue to master these negative pull-ups, you can increase the effectiveness of the workouts by adding weights to your body. This increases your body weight, thus giving your muscles a new challenge.

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