What You Should Do If Your Child Falls Down

What You Should Do If Your Child Falls Down

There is no manual for parenthood and as such most parents just wing it, hoping and praying the decisions that they make on a daily basis will benefit their children and make them better. People think that after having a few children, you are expected to know everything that parenting entails. This is, however, not the case since as your child grows and becomes their own person you are forced to make tough choices that will mold them into being the best version of themselves. It is important for parents to understand that no matter how much you want to soothe and protect your child, at some point you will have to let go and watch them make their own mistakes and get back on their feet.

How to Start

It is normal for a parent to be overprotective over his or her child.  As parents, we try our best to make the environment that our child grows in the safest. This is not wrong since your child’s well-being is of utmost importance. However, we as parents go overboard and instead of protecting our children, we end up smothering them preventing their growth. In such cases, letting your child “fall” by making their mistakes is the best parenting technique you can use.

You can let your child fall by ensuring your child faces the consequences of the mistakes they made or by watching your child fall down and getting back up on their own. It should be noted, however, that if they were swinging on to something it is good to have a protective mat beneath to increase safety. You should sit back and refrain from running to help your child and instead give them time to get back up on their own.

Things Your Child Will Learn

Letting your child fall ultimately increases your child’s self-worth and instills a feeling of independence in them over time. When you rush to the aid of your child whenever they need to do something, it teaches them that they are not capable and that they cannot be independent. If your intention is to mold your child to be the most responsible and self-sufficient adult they can be, helping them all the time will prove detrimental to your efforts. When you let your child try things out by themselves and they fail at first, your child will become aware that if they put a little more effort they can achieve anything.

Things You Will Learn As a Parent

Letting go and allowing your child to grow independently will let you become more aware of your child’s capabilities. When you relax and let your child maneuver through their own obstacles, you would be surprised at just how much they can do. Understanding your child’s capabilities also helps you become aware of the right moment to intervene.

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