Why Exercise Is Crucial For Your Child’s Brain Development

Why Exercise Is Crucial For Your Child’s Brain Development

We all know that exercise has numerous benefits for the body, but do you know that physical activity also benefits the mind. For adults, this means that exercise helps with relieving stress and anxiety. For children, however, the mental benefit of physical exercise is much more than simply relaxation. Research has shown that exercise has a significant positive impact on a child’s brain development. Regular physical activities result in a greater academic performance by improving their brain cognition and function.

School Performance

Kids who exercise on a regular basis demonstrate higher attention span and cognitive flexibility. This results in better performance in school, as exercise leads to bigger volumes in areas of the brain which is linked to decision making, memory, and thinking abilities.


Exercise releases endorphins that result in a happier child. For many school-age kids, regular physical activity also helps them overcome depression. Kids who are physically active tend to have lesser anxiety, stronger willpower, calmer, and more adaptable.

Attention Span

When children exercise, the brain channels its resources to areas that are related to coordination and focus instead of parts of the brain that is involved in anxiety and worrying. Hence, regular exercise helps kids to have a greater focus when it comes to completing schoolwork, as they have longer attention spans and better focus. This also applies to kids with ADHD, as there is a significant improvement in their test results after periods of exercising.

Enhanced Learning Ability

Physical exercises increases blood flow to the brain, increasing the ability to stay alert and remain focused. This makes it easier for children when it comes to their ability to learn. Furthermore, kids who are active regularly have a better short-term memory, display quicker reaction time, and are more creative.


Tips to make Kids Active

Now that you are well aware of how physical exercise is important for your child’s brain development, here are some tips on how to encourage children to be physically active.

  • Make Fitness Fun

Encourage your kids to participate in sports which they love playing. First, expose them to a variety of different activities so they get to experience and figure out where their interest lies. This can be an organized activity like joining a sports team or a casual activity where they get to ride the bike or have fun at the park with friends.

  • Encourage Kids to Walk

If you and your kid are travelling to places where it is within walking distance, leave the car at home. Always find opportunities to take a walk and stairs to climb. Once a child get used to walking, distances that used to be too difficult and far for him will feel easier. The love for walking will benefit him significantly throughout his life.

  • Make Exercise a Priority at Home

Set a specific time of the day to do some physical activities, whether it is going out for a hike or staying home to do exercises. At Fitness Kid, we specialize in keeping your kids physically active by providing superior home gym equipment and accessories that will make exercising fun and exciting. Call us or drop us an email to find out more.