Why Physical Education Should Be Fun And Not Fearful

Why Physical Education Should Be Fun And Not Fearful

Fun is considered one of the most important aspects of why children get involved in physical activities. Lack of fun is one of the reasons why children and adolescents stop participating in physical education. All parents and guardians want their children to enjoy school and everything it has to offer. That includes physical education. However, sports at school can sometimes be intimidating and full of all kinds of surprises.

Some physical activities can be exhilarating and fun, while others can be embarrassing and stressful. It is not unusual for a child to feel anxious about taking part in sports activities at school. At a tender age, kids undergo all kinds of pressure. When a child is under stress due to external pressure, he or she may end up being scared of sports.  If you have noticed your child is anxious in the morning when he or she has got sport lessons at school, you need to do something about it.

Here are some of the things parents can do to help their kids overcome common sport fears and enjoy physical education.

Practice Basic Sport Skills

Sports do not come naturally to all kids. While kids are normally resilient and adapt quickly, every child is different and has their own strengths and weaknesses.  Some children find some sports activities more challenging and they need to be motivated to get involved. Some kids will be stressed and nervous when they have to perform in front of other kids. You can help your child to overcome this fear by practicing basic sport skills at home. You can start by investing in a home playground/gym. They can use this equipment to develop their skills and enjoyment. As they get better, introduce family and friends when they are doing their workout to help the child become comfortable around people.

Introduce A Relaxed Environment

The competitive element of sports activities at school can make it hard for a kid to enjoy physical education.  If your child feels the pressure to perform at school, you can try to introduce him or her to a friendlier and more relaxed environment. Find a youth sports club that offers different physical activities. These sports clubs take away the competitive aspect of sports.  Instead, they reinforce the fun and benefits sports can bring to everyday life.

Create Inner Calm

Some kids go to the extent of having anxiety and even panic attacks when they think of sports activities. In such cases, teach your child simple techniques such as breath control and visualization. Breath control helps to create a calm atmosphere while visualization helps them to think of positive outcomes rather than fixating on fear.

No parent wants to see their children suffer. Physical education classes can offer teachable moments by allowing kids to learn to overcome difficult situations with grace and determination. Your child may not like all sports played in their gym class, but you can help him or her find a new physical activity that they love.

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