Why Should Toddlers Practice Climbing?

Why Should Toddlers Practice Climbing?

The first three years of toddlers are typically full of physical activities. This period is exciting for children but may be full of worry for the parent. They scale everything without fear and test their limits at every turn. You might wonder why toddlers climb all over, and the simple reason is that they feel they can. When toddlers gain better control of their bodies, they gain confidence and curious to explore the world around them. Naturally, the toddler will want to climb onto everything, which is suitable for their development. Here are some of the reasons why toddlers should practice climbing:

Climbing Confidence

Toddlers may feel somewhat unnerved the first time they are faced with climbing equipment. Nothing fazes toddlers for long. Within a short time, the toddlers forget their fears. They accept the challenge and practice climbing, their worries forgotten. They keep testing their capabilities every day, and when they fall, they keep trying until they get it.

Improved Dexterity

Climbing develops a toddler's excellent motor skills, which include the ability to grasp and grip onto objects. These skills come in handy in class while writing. A child who has developed his/her grasping skills will have no problem holding a pencil correctly.

Physical Strength

When toddlers practice climbing, it builds a child's physical strength, and their gross motor skills improved. This physical strength improvement ensures a child leads an active and healthier lifestyle. Instilling a play culture in children ensures the child does not experience obesity. By the time the toddlers attend school, they are already active.

Problem-solving skills

Toddlers approach new climbing challenges through critical thinking. Climbing teaches toddlers to adapt to strange environments. Climbing encourages determination, planning and goal setting. It boosts logic, problem-solving skills and concentration.

Safe Risk Taking

Climbing is a critical skill that children need to learn at a young age. Climbing equipment teaches children how to manage and gauge how risky a situation is. Children begin to comprehend when they are doing something over the top and dangerous. Once they start to understand their limitations, they play it safe.

Improving on Motor Skills

Climbing pays a crucial role in child development. When toddlers climb, they develop their motor skills and on speed, agility, coordination, and balance. Their hand and foot coordination improve from constant climbing.  

Toddlers use their hands and feet to tackle different inclines. Climbing enhances a child's motion perception and their ability to sense their limb movement.

Allow Toddlers To Practice Climbing

Toddlers have an innate need to climb. In their desire to rise, you must provide the necessary equipment and keep them safe at the same time. Fitness Kid sells indoor home gym equipment that's suitable for all ages. Accessories such as protective mats to cushion them as they fall are also available. For any inquiries on Fitness Kid's indoor playground sets, call us at 833-FIT-KIDS or send an email to info@fitnesskid.com.