Why Should You Introduce Social Playtime Activities At Home?

Why Should You Introduce Social Playtime Activities At Home?

For children, the best time for the development of lifelong capabilities and skills is during their formative years. Creating social playtime is one of the ways to help children to develop. It can include an array of activities ranging from sports to role-playing and anything else that prompts children to work in groups as they play. 

Through group playtime, children develop and learn many skills that will play an essential role in their life as they grow up. Here are some ways of how group playtime aids in development.

Improvement of Social Skills 

Strong social skills make it possible for kids to thrive in different areas of their life, including academics and sports. During group playtime, kids take part in social activities that improve their social skills by enabling them to develop them in a relaxed and fun environment. Kids who play together learn the skill of working in groups, establishing personal bonds and conflict resolution. 

Confidence Building 

Group playtime is a good way of building self-confidence in kids. Whenever children come together to play, there is less interaction with adults. These kids learn to rely on themselves and this develops their organizational skills as well as self-confidence. This way, kids will not shy away from leadership roles, independent thinking, or voicing their opinion. 

Developing Emotional Intelligence

Today, possessing emotional intelligence is as relevant as possessing academic intelligence. When one is emotionally intelligent, they can form good relationships with the people around them. This is an important skill for personal and professional development. Social playtime makes it possible for kids to develop emotional intelligence. It teaches kids the soft skills that are needed for emotional intelligence like proper communication, negotiating skills and teamwork. 

Encouraging Teamwork 

Some children naturally know how to work well in teams. This is a skill some kids need to learn. This skill can be taught to kids through group sports activities. Here, they learn and develop teamwork skills. Such group playtime activities teach children how to lead, support others and work with others to reach a common goal or overcome a challenge. 

Introducing the Idea of Friendly Competition 

As children learn how to be part of a team, social playtime also teaches them about the idea of friendly competition. Children need to learn how to handle competition, more so if the child is not naturally competitive. Competition is something children will encounter throughout their life. They need to learn how to handle it from a young age. Playing in groups and teams familiarizes kids with the concept of failing or wining without affecting their confidence. They learn how to win or lose gracefully. 

Who Can Help?

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