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Transformer - the original metal home gym for kids. Only a few left in stock before all are gone forever. Checkout the price!!!

Transformer will help to transform your children into active, strong and agile individuals who are eager to explore the world with confidence.

We have worked very hard to produce the equipment that would be beneficial for both parents and their children.

Transformer is the successful result of our efforts.

Let us show you WHY:

  • Transformer can grow with your children while you continue to exercise on it and set important examples to your family.
  • By constantly changing Transformer configurations, you enhance your children’s adaptation and creative abilities at the same time keeping them motivated and engaged in using the gym.
  • More playing space means much more fun and games for your children. There is enough room for two kids to play and exercise.
  • Multitude of additional equipment for Transformer will keep both parents and their children occupied with discovering new exciting ways of using Transformer.
  • Transformer is easy to assemble and install and it takes up no space at all.

Home gym playground set includes:

  • Vertical Metal Ladder
  • Сlimbing Rope
  • Horizontal Bar
  • Gym rings

Maximal load

220 lbs

Weight of package

Box #1 - 67 lbs

Size of package

Box #1 - 46" x 22" x 6"