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WoodGym is one of our original models that is always a hit. This is THE Swedish Wall on steroids! There are only a few units left and all are sold at ridiculous prices. Make sure to grab one while they last. Guaranteed to last a lifetime!

Installation type: Either by pressure between ceiling and floor or by mounting to the wall.

It is made specifically for fitness and exercising. This gym together with various additional equipment creates an ideal environment for achieving your fitness goals right at home. Weight loss, muscle gain, maintaining fitness level, flexibility, rehabilitation. These are the key areas in which great results can be achieved by using this wood gym. Along with additional equipment, more than 300 exercises can be performed using this gym.

Ceiling Height:

Regular Ceiling Height Model - 7' 11" - 10' 2"

Maximum Weight Capacity: 200 lbs

Components: Gymnastic Ladder, Movable Pull-Up Bar

Rungs: Wood

Weight of Package: Box 1 - 55 lbs

Package Dimensions: Box 1 - 46"L x 22"W x 5"H