Basic Ways to Improve Your Child’s Vertical Leap

For certain sports such as basketball or volleyball, high vertical leaps are essential for the success of a team. If your child is an aspiring athlete, it is your duty as a parent or guardian to incorporate the necessary exercises into their daily training. The exercises should primarily focus on leg speed and muscle strength. Of course, performing such exercises once or twice won’t turn your child into a young Andre Iguodala or Vince Carter overnight. Go the extra mile and work their appropriate muscles every day to improve their overall vertical leap. Here are some proven exercises to boost your child’s vertical leap and overall leg strength:


Squats are perfect for developing your child’s core strength and leg and buttock muscles. Instead of shallow squats, opt for deep squats instead. The latter involves placing the top of the thigh completely below the knee. For extra muscle, you may want to invest in weights. As they descend, the weights on their shoulders will exert extra pressure on their thighs, thereby making them feel lighter afterward.

Jumping Rope

Jumping rope is a sure way to burn calories, get your child in shape, and lower the chances of injuring their ankles and feet. Above all these benefits, jumping rope is the best and easiest way to boost one’s jumping ability. It strengthens all the leg muscles at once, including the hamstrings and the calves. The more your child jumps, the better they get at fighting gravity’s pull.


Kids have a tremendous amount of fun jumping up and down a trampoline. Without knowing it, they can significantly improve their jumping ability by doing it every day on mini-trampolines. However, your child can get the best out of an old, springy mattress if no trampoline is available. Make their jumps on the trampoline more fun by encouraging them to jump in rhythm to their favorite song. 

Drop Jump

For this particular exercise, you may need a platform such as a box. Have your child stand on the platform, then take a stride forward to the ground off the box. Ensure they land on the balls of their feet and not let their heels touch the ground. Also, their legs should soak in the force by keeping their knees straight. This will prepare their legs for the force required to increase their vertical jump. 

Good Luck!

Before embarking on an exercise program for your little one, be sure to check with your health-care provider. Things may take a downward turn if your child has had previous chronic health issues. 

If you incorporate these four exercises into your child’s training, then they’re well on their way to boosting the height of their vertical jump. Track their progress regularly by measuring their jump height after every session. If they are not into the whole exercise, don’t push them into it. 

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