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When kids enter the playground they become unstoppable. They love to climb from one place to another, try all the swings, and the monkey bars are their all-time favorite. At times it becomes difficult to cope with their constant level of energy and keeping an eye on them may drain you out.

So, how about setting indoor play gyms for kids. Fitness Kid has an exclusive collection of the best at-home fitness set for kids. With our carefully designed play gym sets, your kids will keep entertained for hours while also helping kids in improving their fitness skills.

Different Playsets Available At Our Online Store:

Fitness Kid is the ideal place to buy an indoor playground for home. We have unique play sets and gyms that can provide your kids with indoor activities helping your kids in developing and polishing their athletic skills.

You can compare the various sets on our site and choose the one that looks more intriguing according to the nature of your kids.

1) Pegasus Kids Indoor Home Playground:

It is the largest and most loved playset among children. It is easy to assemble. You just have to go through the manual carefully. The numerous components within this set will keep your kids entertained and active for hours to come. The set has trapeze attachments, horizontal bars, basketball and gymnastics rings, ladders, climbing rope, monkey bars, metal rings covered in plastic.

2) Carousel R4 kids Indoor Home Playground:

Are you looking for indoor playgrounds for home? Well, this play set is all that your child needs. The set has climbing nets, basketball rings, climbing ropes and rings, and monkey bars helping your child develop agility and coordination.

3) Carousel R3 Kids Indoor Home Playground:

Having a colorful scheme and adjustable size options, this indoor playground is ideal for kids who enjoy climbing nets and ropes, playing on gymnastics rings, and loves to do aerobics on a trapeze.

4) Transformer/ R6 Kids Indoor Home Playground:

Give your kid more fun with this gym that can be set up using two different techniques. It has moving horizontal racks and bars that can be mounted at varying heights. You can change the setup of this indoor gym according to your home space.

5) Comet 1 Kids Indoor Home Playground: 

Comet 1 with its reliable and sturdy frame is best for involving your kids in exercising in the safe environment of your home. The anti-slip crossbars are easy to grip and help your child while working out.

Assembly Options:

All our sets come with a manual guiding you on how to install the indoor play gym. Often at home play areas require you to drill holes into the ceiling, damaging your property, but our playsets can be inserted on furniture boards.

Our playsets are a one-time investment. They are easy to modify and can be installed in the blink of an eye. You just need to follow the instruction manual thoroughly.

Payment Options:

To help you buy indoor playgrounds online through our website, we offer secure and reliable payment options. You can pay for our play gyms using PayPal, MasterCard, Diners Club International, American Express, and Visa.

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