Exercise Ideas For Your Kids

More parents nowadays are trying to engage their children to be more active! This is because exercise is essential for good health and has been found to help kids do better in school. In order to get your child moving, it is vital to incorporate fun elements into their exercise.

Here are some easy exercises that your kids will surely enjoy and benefit from! The best part about these exercises is that they done anywhere and can be customized to engage your kids.


One of the simplest forms of exercise is of course, running. This mundane activity can be made very much enjoyable for kids with some adjustments! Changing up their movements during a casual jog can encourage kids to run – running with high knees (lifting alternating knees upwards with each step), side shuffling or skipping. 

Lunges, Squats

While simple, these leg exercises are essential towards building leg strength, which is foundational for most fitness activities and sports. Side, forward, backward lunges and the classic squat can be incorporated with other exercises for a complete workout.

Sit-Ups and Push-Ups

There are many variations of the sit-up such as the traditional sit-up, crunches, bicycle crunches and much more. Sit-ups are essential to working up one’s core muscles. In addition to sit-ups, push-ups and planks are important towards achieving a good workout as they can be used to strengthen their upper body strength. These exercises can be incorporated with other exercises for a complete workout.


Besides building muscle strength, jumping builds up a child’s cardiovascular fitness and endurance. There are multiple jumps that kids can attempt. Jumping jacks, hurdle hops, one-foot hops, tuck jumps (bending both knees when jumping), criss-cross jump (jumping straight up, crossing one foot in front of the other, switching feet on each jump) are some examples of jumps that kids can try.

Exercise Games

Turn these exercises into a game! Here are some fantastic game ideas.

  • Red Light, Green Light: Your kids would begin at the starting line, do demarcate a finish line as well. Upon shouting ‘green light’, everyone will begin moving towards the finish line. Players are not allowed to walk or run. They would have to perform exercises in order to move forward, changing this exercise each time. Upon shouting ‘Red light’, everyone must stop moving. If a player is caught moving when it’s ‘red light’, they would have to return to the start. The game finishes when everyone crosses the finish line.
  • Corners: Divide the kids into different corners of the room. Delegate certain exercises to be done in the 4 corners and allow them to run around the room in circles. On blowing your whistle, they must perform the exercises that corresponds to the corner of the room that they have landed in. They will do this exercise for an interval or 20-30 seconds. Repeat this process for 10-20 minutes.

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