How to Assemble

Each of our playground sets comes with detailed assembly and installation instructions.

Warning! It is important that you carefully read the instructions and comply with all safety requirements before proceeding with installation.

Installation of the Playground Set must be done by no less than 2 adults. Assembly and installation do not require any special skills. You will need:

  • Allen Key (Included)
  • Hex-Nut Wrench (Included)
  • Face wrench (Included)
  • Plumb Line (or thin rope with an attached load) (not included)
  • Level gauge with length of 3' (not included)
  • Step-ladder with height of 5' (not included)


Kids Playing On Floor

Protecting your ceiling from damage

To protect the ceiling from damage, we recommend you use any type of furniture board, which is inserted between the stanchions of the playground set and the surface of the ceiling.  

You can purchase these boards at your nearest home improvement retailer.

Below are some of the pictures of the installation using the boards that were purchased at the home improvement store.

Board Attached  On Ceiling Board Attached On Ceiling