What A Trapeze Swing Can Do For Your Child

Physical exercise is very important for a growing child. Research has shown that kids need a minimum of one to two hours of exercise every day. Regular physical activity is not only important for keeping your child fit, it is also important for their growth and development as it strengthens their heart, muscles and bones.

As your kids grow older, they will begin to participate in more sports that require upper body strength, such as basketball, tennis and baseball. You can prepare for kids by helping them to build their upper body strength.

Working out should not be a chore. When encouraging your kids to exercise, you should try your best to make it enjoyable for them. That way, they will look forward to it and it will be easier for you to incorporate it into their daily routine. They are a great variety of ways to engage your kids in exercise that they would enjoy. You can even make it more convenient for them by having exercise equipment at home that they can use every day. One of the most fun and exciting ways for a child to build upper body strength is by using a trapeze swing.

What is a Trapeze Swing?

A trapeze swing is a simple kind of aerial apparatus. It consists of a horizontal bar with two ropes or chains attached to it on either side. The other ends of the two ropes or chains are attached to a swing mount on the ceiling, keeping the horizontal bar suspended in the air.

Working Out with a Trapeze Swing

Although we typically see trapeze swings being used by trapeze artists in exciting circus performances, they are actually also great exercise equipment for working out. When using a trapeze swing for the first time, the main goal is to be able to hang onto the bar with both hands. You may have to help your child in the beginning by holding their hands to the bar if they are not strong enough to hang on their own. The fun comes in when they swing themselves while holding on the bar.

Playing on the trapeze swing every day will benefit your kids by increasing their upper body strength, hand and wrist strength, trunk strength, shoulder stability and motor planning. Eventually, your kids will even be strong enough to hang and swing on the trapeze swing with just one hand. If they kick at things while hanging and swinging, they will be able to work out their lower body as well.

A trapeze swing workout is not just suitable for kids, adults can do it too. If you exercise with the trapeze swing as well, your kids will likely want to do the same. After all, the best way to teach your kids is by setting a good example for them.

Making the Trapeze Swing more Fun for your Kids

To make swinging on the trapeze more exciting for your kids, you can turn it into a game for them. Line up some bowling pins or stuffed toys on the floor and have your child try to kick them over while swinging on the trapeze. This will allow them to work their arms, core and legs at the same time while having a ton of fun. 

To make the game even more challenging, you can ask your kids to pick up stuffed toys with their legs and transfer them to another location on the floor without letting go of the trapeze swing. The fun workouts your kids can do on a trapeze swing are limited only by their imagination.