Basketball Board and Hoop

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 Basketball Board and Hoop Product Specifications

  • Package Dimensions: 19"L x 16"W x 2"H (Box 1)
  • Weight of package: 6 lbs. (Box 1)
  • Overall product dimensions: 18" x 15"

Looking for a game that can boost your child's self-confidence and overall physical health? You can never go wrong with choosing a sport like a basketball. The good thing about this sport/game is that your child can start at any age. What better way than to install Fitness Kid's basketball boards and hoops in your indoor home gym and playground? Now, your child has more reasons to get up and move!

Introducing the Basketball Board and Hoop

Our basketball board and hoop are designed for aspiring young athletes who love to shoot hoops and exercise at the same time. You will also love the fact that this basketball board and hoop set can be attached directly to the home gym in minutes. Less time wasted means more time for fun!

Benefits of the Basketball Board and Hoop

Basketball as we know it is a brisk sport that involves a lot of jumping, running, dribbling, and more. Because of the continuous movements that basketball demands from its players, it is a great activity for children who experience issues pertaining to weight, laziness, and dullness. It allows players to burn calories and lose fat!

Since your child will make rigorous use of his or her entire body, the muscles of the calf areas, thighs, and arms will naturally become toned. In addition to muscle-toning benefits, basketball is also known to aid physical growth. Although height is often determined by one's genes, research has shown that basketball has helped children improve their height.

Another area that your child may improve in is the focus. Shooting the ball into the hoop often requires great accuracy and a good aim. This means that your child will understand the importance of concentration, which is a life-long skill that he or she can benefit from.

What's Included?

When you purchase basketball boards and hoops from Fitness Kid, each set is comprised of the following components:

  • White and orange Romana backboard
  • Yellow basketball ring
  • Basic basketball ring net

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