First Aid Knowledge For Serious Falls

First Aid Knowledge For Serious Falls

It is exciting to see how fast children grow, and to revel in new developments like rolling over, climbing and grabbing things, running, crawling etc. However, these new abilities can take us by surprise when accidents such as serious falls occur and we do not know how to go about helping our children. Falls may result in mild cuts, bumps and bruises and at times, serious injuries that require fast and immediate medical attention. As a parent, it is your obligation to protect your child. In the unfortunate event that your child is injured, there are a few first aid steps you can take to reduce your child’s pain and maximize their chances of getting back on their feet quickly.

What to Do in Case of a Serious Fall

So your child was climbing a ladder and he fell hard, what do you do?  First things first, do not panic! Keep in mind that if you panic you will not be able to think clearly about which step to take next. Call 911 as soon as you have gathered yourself and explain to the operator exactly what happened. Do not move your child if he or she:

  • Is unconscious
  • May have injured the neck, head, thighs or hipbones
  • Has difficulty breathing
  • Is having a seizure (unless it is to turn them on their side)
  • Isn’t breathing (you can start baby CPR if you know how to go about it)

If your child does not have any of the above mentioned symptoms and is not vomiting you can:

  • Comfort your child and make them as relaxed as possible all while assessing their injuries to determine the extent
  • If your child is alert, give them ibuprofen or acetaminophen for the pain
  • Place an ice pack or cold compress on any bruises or bumps
  • Let your child rest and for the next 24 hours, monitor them closely. Be on the lookout for any unusual behavior or symptoms

You should get medical care if your child:

  • Is not walking normally
  • Vomits more than once
  • Cannot focus his/her eyes normally
  • Has difficulty waking up or becomes very sleepy
  • Complains of pain especially on the neck, head or back
  • Cannot be comforted and becomes easily upset or annoyed

Prevention is Better than Cure

When it comes to children and accidents, prevention is always better than cure. There are various ways you can protect your child from serious falls. Remember to:

  • Always strap young children into changing tables, high chairs, strollers and shopping carts
  • Never leave young children on a bed or any other high surface unsupervised
  • Keep your stairs clear from clutter and fix safety gates to your stairs before your baby starts crawling
  • Not use bunk beds for children below 6
  • Ensure kids wear protective gear like helmets while they are skating or biking
  • Have a protective mat whenever your child is on a raised platform, like a playground, to protect them from serious injury
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