Indoor Home Gym Product Spotlight: Spider Climbing Nets

Indoor Home Gym Product Spotlight: Spider Climbing Nets

In today’s world, parents are getting busier and spending less time with their children. As a result, the kids end up watching more television and playing video games than playing outside. Many people are starting to recognize the need to eat right and exercise. For children, indoor home gyms are fast catching on, with parents trying to ensure their children stay healthy and their weight regulated.

An indoor gym provides your children with endless hours of fun activities and climbing hones a child’s fine motor skills. If you are about to buy home indoor gym equipment for your kids, or enhance an already existing one, Fitness Kid is the right place to start. In this product spotlight, we are featuring spider climbing nets.

Physical benefits Of Spider Climbing Nets

An indoor spider climbing net is a great way for kids to develop their hand-eye coordination, as well as several other benefits such as:

  • Strengthening musculoskeletal tissue which results in stronger muscles, joints and bones
  • Cardiovascular workout resulting in stronger lungs and heart
  • Improving climbing ability, coordination, flexibility and coordination, thus fewer injuries from falls
  • Healthy body weight for kids, thus better immune systems and more energy

By including other activities such as tossing a ball, children become more capable and confident in handwriting, sports and other activities.

Mental Benefits of Spider Climbing Nets

According to research, exercise is necessary for brain development. The benefits include:

  • More oxygen to the brain
  • Neurotrophins increase, which is good for memory and learning
  • Better concentration, thus better problem-solving skills
  • More production of serotonin and endorphins which prevent depression and anxiety.

What Are Spider Climbing Nets?

Spider climbing nets are a network of ropes that are supported from each end by metal base rungs covered in plastic. Kids can practice their climbing skills up, down and across the net. At Fitness Kid, we retail the highest-quality indoor spider climbing nets. They can withstand a maximum weight capacity of 220lbs and a ceiling height of 7' 5” to 9’ 11’’. Children can have lots of fun indoors, and this spider climbing web will keep them occupied for hours, and you can join them to make it more fun, while at the same time providing supervised play. They are available in three colors: Green Apple, Blue Plum and Orange.

How To Assemble

Each playground set or accessory comes with detailed instructions on how to assemble. You must adhere to all the safety instructions and have at least another adult to help in the assembly. You must protect your ceiling from damage by inserting a furniture board in between the stanchions of the playground set and the ceiling. They are sure to be a great accessory to add to your home indoor gym if you already have one.

If you would like to learn how to assemble Fitness Kid’s indoor playground equipment, or would like to know more about our various playground sets, do not hesitate to call us at 833-FIT-KIDS or drop us an email at