Simple Bodyweight Exercises Your Kids Can Do At Home

Simple Bodyweight Exercises Your Kids Can Do At Home

Want to head out to play but unable to do so? Amid Covid-19, where we are all encourage to stay at home as much as possible, it is easy for us eat snacks and gain weight. As such, we have listed down some simple and fun bodyweight exercises which both you and your kids can do together at home. None of these exercises require any form of equipment and they engage your kids’ body weight to help them build strength.


Lunges strengthen your child’s lower body. Your child can begin by making sure their upper body is straight and step one leg forward. He/She must lower their hips until their legs reach 90-degree.

Wall Sits

This exercise works out the entire lower body, notably improving the strength of the glutes. Have your child place his/her back flat up against the wall. They are to bend down their knees to 90-degree, looking like they are seating on a chair. Hold at this position for as long as possible.


They can begin by standing with their feet hip- width apart. Make sure that their hands are on their hips and slowly bend their knees. Squat until their thighs are parallel to the floor. Slowly stand up straight. Repeat this six to eight times for two sets.


The Superman targets your child’s back and is a fun body weight exercise that kids love. Have them lie on the ground. Ask them to extend their arms straight out in front and above of their head. Have them raise their legs and arms a few inches off the ground simultaneously. Stay in that position as long as possible. Then, slowly lower their arms and legs back to the floor. Repeat this six to eight times for one or two sets. To keep it fun and engaging, tell them to pretend they are Superman who are flying.


Your child is to lie down, body straight and feet spread apart slightly. Have your child place their palms, slightly more than shoulder-width apart, on the floor. Lift themselves up till their arms are fully extended. If traditional pushups are too difficult for your child, he/she can use their knees to balance themselves. Perform two or three sets of as many pushups as they can do.


Crunches are a core-strengthening exercise which targets your child’s core, improving their overall posture and balance. To perform a crunch, let your kid to lie down, and bend their knees. They are to place their hands on their thighs, with their arms extended. They will have to slowly lift their shoulders and upper back off the ground while sliding their hands up their thighs. Keep in mind that their lower backs are to remain on the ground throughout the entire exercise. Once they touch their kneecaps, pause and return to the starting position. Repeat as many times as they can for one or two sets.

To prevent injuries and ensure safety, make sure that your child uses a gym mat while performing these exercises. You can head down to Fitness Kid to get one today!