Tips For Children To Climb Across Monkey Bars

Tips For Children To Climb Across Monkey Bars

Monkey bars may seem daunting at first. Grabbing on to thin metal rods relying on nothing but your fingers and arms with your legs dangling helplessly in the air seems unthinkable. However, that shouldn’t be the reason why children should give up on mastering the monkey bars. Climbing across monkey bars is a skill that provides a wide array of benefits including building confidence, strength and great friendships at the playground! On top of that, monkey bars are one of the most fun and enjoyable playground equipment that is suitable for all ages, which means it also makes a great bonding activity for you and your children! Here are some tips that can help you master the monkey bars.

Step 1: Work on those Little Fingers and Arms

Grabbing the monkey bars require a considerable amount of strength and muscle development in the fingers. To be able to easily grab the bars, start practicing at home by squeezing a wet sponge or a squishy ball. You can do this for at least 20 times with each hand. Working your arm muscles are important too, so trying to hold the plank position for as long as you can will help work out those arms! After some days of practice, you should be able to hang on a bar using both hands. When you are feeling confident, you can try hanging on to a bar for as long as you can. Gradually, try hanging on to the bar and pull your knees towards your chest, or even try doing pull ups using some nearby equipment!

Step 2: Work on those Core Muscles

Swinging on the monkey bars require strong core muscles in order to swing from one bar to the other. Some exercises to build your core muscles include the plank but the wheelbarrow exercise is one of the most effective. Going up and down the room at least 5 times doing the wheelbarrow walk will help with core muscle building and also improve arm strength. If you are excited and want to start taking on the monkey bars, you can even try hanging on a bar and swing back and forth by kicking your legs.

Step 3: Always Practice Swinging

Moving from one bar to another doesn’t just require you to be able to have a firm grip on the bar, you also need to be able to swing your whole body forward to grab the next bar. Developing a swing rhythm is important for you. This technique ensures that you save energy and strength yet be able to reach the other end of the monkey bars easily.

How Fitness Kid Corp Can Help

Conquering the monkey bars is never easy and requires dedication and determination to get there. Whether you wish to practice different kinds of exercises to help you master the skill or to simply practice the monkey bars at home, Fitness Kid Corp can help! Our Pegasus Kids Indoor Home Playground/Gym as well as many other reliable indoor playground equipment are available for you to have a great family time mastering monkey bars! Contact us to learn more about our products and services today!