Understanding The Scientific Benefits Of Monkey Bars

Understanding The Scientific Benefits Of Monkey Bars

Monkey bars are found in most playgrounds and most of us would have fond memories of monkeying around up those bars. It is one of the most fun types of playground equipment yet the scientific benefits it has on your children can be unthinkable! Suitable for all ages, the monkey bars are one of the structures that help you and your children build up certain skills and improve confidence.

Monkey Bars Help Develop Strength and Muscles

Hand strength is developed when your entire weight is sustained through grabbing on to nothing but the bars. These specific forms of motor activities are intrinsic and similar to building with LEGO pieces or using a pen to write. In addition, strength and tone of the arm muscles are also developed when your children swing from one bar to another. Abdominal muscles are also strengthened when children keep their legs tucked up when swinging from bar to bar, this will also help to protect their spines.

Monkey Bars Help with Good Balance and Posture

Swinging forward and backward with their legs tucked up help children improve and develop the right posture. They will also improve body strength at the same time. In the meantime, they also train to attain full control over their balance and hand-eye coordination.

Monkey Bars Help Build Up Confidence

Mastering the monkey bars is a special milestone in your child’s development and this can help them in many ways psychologically. Through overcoming setbacks and achieving this new milestone, children tend to develop a stronger sense of self-confidence. This comes with many other things including having the ability to maintain a positive attitude towards challenges and problem-solving skills where they find creative ways to overcome obstacles.

Monkey Bars Help Kids Learn to Socialize

Due to the nature of monkey bars where children are not supposed to play it at the same time, children will learn to get along by taking turns to play. At the same time, it boosts their creativity where they come up with various games including imagining the ground being covered with lava and crocodiles so that their feet would not touch the ground. With friends, they innovate new games and can play together for hours. Even during play, they learn teamwork where they help their friends out when they face difficulties during play.

How Fitness Kid Corp Can Help

Installing monkey bars at home is one way you can get your children exposed to the benefits of play early and in a safe manner before they venture out. Here at Fitness Kid Corp, we have a wide variety of indoor playground equipment including our Pegasus Kids Indoor Home Playground/Gym where you and your children can hang around the monkey bars together at home for a great family time!

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