Why Is Basketball Good For Your Kids

Why Is Basketball Good For Your Kids

Basketball is fast becoming one the most popular sports in the world today, especially amongst young children and teenagers. The game involves two teams of five players each, as they both try to score as many points as possible against each other. Teamwork is essential in this game as players must work together to score points. It is a very fast paced game that also involves a lot of concentration and skill to outclass the other team and players. The game is mostly a great way for young kids to stay active and have fun as well.

The Health Benefits Of Basketball

Basketball usually involves a lot running but also starting and stopping in between. With short burst of running or sprinting required, it is a great way to burn calories as approximately one hour of playing basketball will shed between six hundred to seven hundred calories. The game also builds up kids endurance with the amount of fast paced action required. Concentration and discipline come into play also, as sometimes precision shots and passing are required between teammates to help score points for the team.

The Social And Emotional Benefits Of Basketball

At whichever level of basketball your child begins to play at, it will be a great chance for them to meet new friends, build relationships and bond with their teammates. Valuable life lessons for kids can be gained by being involved in these types of team sports such as communication, a sense of fair play and conflict resolution. Basketball can also kids develop more skills which may also give them more self esteem. This boost in self esteem can help them in their daily life in dealing with challenges that may arise. It is widely known that kids who participate in team sports tend to be more focused, as in a game such as basketball they always need to be thinking one or more steps ahead to get an advantage. As such they are often able to deal with pressure more easily, whether it be academic or home life.

The Physical Benefits Of Basketball

Playing basketball can have a number of positive effects on a child’s health and wellbeing through exercise. The non stop nature of the game means their heart rate would be consistently up, meaning a better build up of their cardiovascular muscles then leading to lower risk of heart disease or a stroke later in life. Kids bone strength will also be improved through the constant running, squatting and jumping involved in the game. The lower part of the body gains a huge workout from all this activity resulting in stronger leg muscles and improved flexibility.

A Great Sport For Your Child

The most beneficial aspects of basketball for your child no doubt be mental and physical. Team sports can play a huge role in a child’s development as they not only gain better health through exercise but also develop long lasting friendships through other children they meet playing the game.