Why Should Children Try Rock Climbing?

Why Should Children Try Rock Climbing?

With holidays around the corner, you might be wondering what could be new, fun and healthy for you and your children to do. Indoor rock climbing might just be the sport you want to consider! Children who try rock climbing display more confidence and have developed physical strength. Rock climbing is recommended for children as young as 4 years old. This is the stage where children can make use of problem-solving skills to maneuver through routes and obstacles. The best thing is it makes a fantastic bonding activity for you and your children!

Rock Climbing Builds Confidence

The wall may appear to be intimidating and frightening at first, but a bit of time and a few tries on a beginner’s wall would help your child get used to it. The fear of heights is common among both children and adults and battling this fear will give your children a sense of self-esteem. The ability to scale a 50-foot wall will definitely boost their confidence. With this confidence to fight the fear, your children will be well equipped to overcome struggles, mental or physical, which is an important skill needed in life. Given practice and patience, they would be having so much fun it won’t be a surprise when they will forget the time! Create memories with your children with rock climbing by scaling the wall together and even challenging each other!

Rock Climbing Improves Endurance, Core Strength and Flexibility

Rock climbing is considered one of the best complete body workouts which is suitable for both boys and girls. Climbers will develop balance, technique and other physical strengths. When climbing, children will work their fingers and forearms when grabbing the climbing holds. They will also develop their core when they lift their body up to higher positions, as well as their legs when they push themselves to step on the next climbing hold. Endurance is important to help them get to the top and progress to more challenging routes. Finally, they will also improve their flexibility when moving through the obstacles, hence reducing strain injuries.

Rock Climbing Improves Body Coordination

Motor skills are very important in rock climbing. The sport involves the use of every major to minor muscle group and appendage. It is important that their limbs are also coordinated with the moves they have intended. Good coordination is important when your children are required to plan their routes carefully and then execute their moves by getting their hands and feet into the right climbing holds.

How Fitness Kid Corp Can Help

Indoor rock climbing is also considered a very safe sport where your child will be safely secured to a harness which will prevent them from falling if they lose grip of the climbing hold. Alternatively, you can consider installing an indoor playground right in your home for you and your children to try out rock climbing without the hassle of leaving the house! With an indoor playground from Fitness Kid Corp, you and your children can enjoy the benefits of rock climbing right in the comfort of your own home!

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