At home indoor playground

Kids love to have fun, be creative and enjoy their time the best possible way. But with our busy lifestyle and other abundant responsibilities taking them out to the playground becomes a little difficult. Hence making them opt for less healthy activities such as playing video games or having screen time the whole day.

To solve this issue why not create an at-home indoor playground to give your kid a better chance of staying active, happy, and entertained. Fitness Kid Corp has made it possible to create Indoor playgrounds for homes by offering a remarkable range of fun and fit play gyms for an indoor home setup. Their exceptional quality at-home play areas are safe, professionally designed to encourage kids’ learning and help them to stay physically and mentally involved.

Pegasus Kids Indoor Home Playground/Gym

Our Indoor play gym for kids, Pegasus kids indoor home playground is one of its kind of product. Being our largest fun indoor playground it has the heart of many kids. It brings countless opportunities to have unlimited fun and a chance to keep your kids physically active whenever they want to go out or visit a playground. Let’s take a closer look at Pegasus Kids Indoor Home Playground/Gym.

Features and Benefits:

The Pegasus Kids Indoor gym is a comprehensive playset for kids that comes with several components which are put together to form the best at-home fitness set for kids. It comprises the following parts and features:

Components included:

  • The Monkey bars (brachiation bars), a rope ladder, curved ladder, and a pair of gymnastics rings are all brilliantly put together to bring an athlete out of your child.
  • The basketball rings and net with backboard, horizontal bars, and climbing rope add fun and excitement to the overall setup.
  • Additional features include a hanging trapeze bar and a ladder to double the fun.

Height of the ceiling required:

  • For taller spaces, the Apartment Model fits ceilings from 7’ to 10’ (2.4m) to 9’ to 6’ (2.9m).
  • The Basement Model which is for shorter spaces is specifically designed for small ceiling apartments. It can fit in rooms from 7’(2.14m) to 8’-9’ (2.64m).
  • All the models are adjustable to fit in any space whether an apartment, condo, single floor home or mansion.

Material of the product:

  • All fixed ladder rungs and horizontal bars are either metal-based or are plastic-covered rings. The protective soft plastic covering gives a better grip and also provides additional safety.
  • The rope ladder rungs and trapeze bars are made of wood.

Weight it can support:

  • Every playset is produced keeping the safety of the children in mind. This one is also designed for durable performance and lasting construction. It is good to support the children up to the weight of 220lbs (100kg). This means kids and even adults can have fun together.

Other Features:

  • The Pegasus Kids Indoor playground/gym comes in two flat boxes, about 2’ to 4’, and weighs 65lbs.
  • Children are always attracted to bright colorful things. It comes in 5 different colors: orange, pastel, green apple, blue plum, and blue-yellow.
  • Assembled Unit Measurements: 3' x 7'.

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