How to Raise Coordinated and Athletic Children

Among the best ways to raise athletic children is to help them find activities they like. Flying a kite, playing with a ball, running, skipping, or dancing are fun activities that most kids enjoy. Starting your young one in a sporty environment has a ton of benefits, experts claim. They get to enjoy physical fitness, enhanced coordination, and a stronger immune system for the rest of their lives.

What’s more, children are bound to stay ahead in all sectors of their life due to the strengthened confidence and neural development. With all these benefits and more, why wait any longer to shop for some indoor playground equipment? Here are a couple of ideas to bring out the athleticism, creativity, talent, coordination, and intelligence in your children:

Birth - Age 1

Using a plush toy such as a stuffed monkey, encourage activeness by dangling it a fair distance above your baby. Cheer them on as they try to swat the toy with one hand or both. After brief attempts, allow them to strike the toy.

Age 1 – Age 2

This is the best age to impart catching skills to your child. Place your child on the floor, spread their legs apart, and sit a fair distance away from them with your legs apart as well. Slowly pass a roller ball toward them. Before the ball arrives in their end, open their hands. Upon contact, cover them around the rollerball.

Age 3

At this age, your child should be able to balance better by maintaining a straight back. You can enhance their posture by placing a beanbag atop their head. Have them march to music as you put extra beanbags on their shoulders. Encourage them not to bend their backs for better balance.

Age 4-6

Fun should be at the center of all children’s athletic activities. What better way to have fun than a game of musical bouncing balls? Have your little one dribble a ball on one position using just their thumb and fingertips. When they stand long enough to develop control, have them walk, then jog as they dribble the ball.

Don’t wait

According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), parents should get their children moving as early as possible. With the rising number of overweight kids in America, it is hard to imagine the kind of generation we are bringing up. Not only is it a social problem, but a health-related one as well. These kids may grow up with serious health issues, including asthma, diabetes, heart disease, or depression as a result of the extra pounds.

If you’re struggling to keep your kids active and entertained, think along the lines of a home gym. FitnessKid has the best fun fitness ideas and high-quality home gym equipment that your children are sure to enjoy. Just the thought of owning a playground within your home is sure to get your kids excited. Learn more about our products and services by getting in touch with us today.