Indoor play equipment for home

Fitness for kids brings to you Best at home fitness set for kids that not only are your kids going to love spending time at but also keep them physically and mentally fit, as physical active refreshes the mind and soul of an individual. We have a huge range of the finest Indoor play gyms for kids that all parents must purchase for their mini ones. The indoor play equipment for the home is the best alternative to keep your child under observation and safe premises of the house while also providing them with opportunities to indulge in physical activities and games. Indoor playgrounds for homes are especially useful if you live in apartments, or are scared of leaving your child unattended in playgrounds. These sets are great for children's past time and fitness during the time of the Covid-19 pandemic, when most countries are in a state of lockdown and going out is discouraged.

We provide a wide range of playsets varying in setup styles, setting space, types of equipment included, and price ranges. If you want to buy indoor playgrounds online from us, this article is the perfect guide for you to set your at home play areas, professionally and accurately.

Guide to Setup your indoor play equipment set:

We provide a detailed and thorough instructions manual with all equipment sets that contain important tips and every instruction required to perfectly set your indoor play area. Read the manual carefully and then start assembling the playset by following all the instructions to a T.

Setting the equipment set individually is not possible and at least two individuals are required to work simultaneously to set up the play area. The instructions are pretty basic and written in a very simple manner so that they are easy to comprehend and follow. No special skill or training is required to install your set up and only the use of a few tools is required such as Allen key, Face Wrench, Hex-nut Wrench, thin rope or plumb line, level gauge, and ladder. The first three are included within the equipment set.

One additional procedure that we recommend to carry out for the protection of your ceiling paint and protect it from marks or scratches is to, attach a furniture board on the ceiling where you are going to set up your playset, and then attach the playset to that furniture board instead of directly attaching it to the ceiling. These furniture boards are easily available at any home depot store.

Some of our bestselling play gyms that can be set up at your home using these instructions are Pegasus Kids Indoor Home Playground, Carousel R4 kids, Transformer R6 kids, amongst others. We also sell additional mats or set accessories that you may require. Currently, we are offering huge discounts for our customers that can help you save around 200$ per set!

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