Indoor playground for home

Are you tired of seeing your kids spending their youthful days being couch potatoes, playing video games, or watching TV the whole day? Well, you are not alone. According to stats, about 8 to 12 years of kids in the USA spent 4 to 6 hours a day on the screen which is likely to increase with the age.

To encourage a healthy lifestyle and better physical growth for your kids, Fitness Kids Corps brings a unique opportunity to bring the amazing playground and gyms at home. Our Indoor Playgrounds for home are adjustable, challenging, and full of unlimited fun and entertainment.

Indoor Playground/Fitness Sets:

Here are some of our best at-home fitness set for kids reviewed.

1) Carousel R4 Kids Indoor Home:

(Perfect to keep the kids entertained for hours)

It requires ceiling height between 7'8" to 9’because it does not require any drilling and hammering for installation. The set offers a great climbing apparatus of ropes, curved ladders along with a basketball hoop, and a spider net which adds to the overall fun and thrill. The anti-slip steps make the children's climb safe and sound. Playing on Carousel R4 can develop your child's strength, coordination, and climbing skills.

2) Fitness Kid Pegasus:

( Adventure at an affordable rate)

The Fitness Kid Pegasus can make your kids fall in love with climbing and hanging all over again. It can bring the energy and enthusiasm to be active in your kid. As multiple kids can play in it, children stay entertained and can come up with various ways to play around it. It improves their creativity along with physical strength and relieves tension and stress. The basketball ring, trapeze, and gymnastics rings will challenge your kid’s skills and help them to learn and become better athletes.

3) Comet 1:

(Best play Space for kids)

Do you want to keep your kid busy with activities that promote good health then it’s for you. The different climbing and gymnastic options of Comet 1 will challenge your kid’s skills and make him think beyond his imagination. The vibrant colors it has to offer are loved by everyone. Playing on it improves their balance, grip, and speed allows them to play in multiple ways.

4) Transformer/R6 Indoor Playground:

(Best interaction Equipment)

This newer version of Transformer/R6 has new colors and better features and play options. The uniqueness of the set depends on the fact that can be set in 2different ways as per your room space or to have a change of settings. The chin-up bar with grips and hanging ladder and gymnastic rings are sure to keep your kids entertained and focused. The kids love it because they can enjoy and have their play methods to mess around it. Buy indoor playgrounds online.

5) Comet 5 Indoor Home Playground:

(Modern Swedish Wall)

The Comet 5 at-home play area can make any kid fall in love with it. It comes with great climbing and hanging opportunities. The trapeze and gymnastic ring with it can make their playtime fun and adventurous. It can bear up to the weight of 220lbs. and cones in two different sizes for small rooms and a different for tall ceiling rooms.

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