Indoor playground for sale

Everyone has the perception that children are turning to social media, online games, and television to replace the good old outdoor games. Unfortunately, this is a common trend worldwide, contributing to mental and emotional development alongside actual physical ailments.

Parents who want to engage their children in physical exercises can create a safe and fun playground that acts as a motivator for more physical play. Consider installing indoor play equipment that attracts and improves their livelihood while keeping them safe from all plausible risks. How can you assemble our products to ensure the best indoor play gyms for kids?

Steps to follow when assembling indoor playgrounds for home

Measure the room’s size

Use a measuring tape to get the accurate dimension of the room. Then, choose equipment that fits the room and leaves room for the target number of kids and adults. Taking measurements will also help us to narrow down the designs and shapes you should buy. Additionally, you can use the measurements on the item’s description to determine how it will fit in your room.


The children’s age will determine the combination of the at-home play areas. This consideration is essential in picking play equipment such as the following:

  • Mats
  • Swing
  • Ladders
  • Bungee cord


Each playground equipment from Fitness Kid has a design that should last for years with the proper maintenance. However, some tools need more rigorous maintenance because of a higher tendency to collect germs, get loose bolts or become slippery. Therefore, it is advisable that you only pick an indoor playground for sale that is easy to install, repair, and maintain.


The best at-home fitness set for kids should always ensure safety to protect children from hard edges, protrusions, and rough surfaces. The solution is to buy high-quality pieces from a reputable seller. Another remedy is to consider accessories that make the playground safer.

The sequence of installing an indoor playground

There are various parts of a playground and a somewhat standard installation pattern. Installing a playground is similar to building a house; hence, the first step is to set up the frame.

  • Collect pipes of the same length together, and always use the heaviest frames at the bottom
  • Match each pipe to the suitable connector and accessories
  • Fill in the more miniature play game by starting with bottom equipment like mats then moving on to ladders 

Be advised that each piece of equipment will have specific installation instructions.

  • An example is that the trampoline must have springs installed, then a cover to protect the trampoline padding.
  • The tubes and slides attach to the system via a board first, then attached to a final board to complete the assembly.
  • The ball pit will have instructions and marks on the padded wall for easy assembly.

The most important thing is to ensure the safety of all equipment, whether you choose to install the equipment yourself or use the services of an experienced playground staff. We advise clients to have at least two adults during the installation process for the sake of using the proper installation techniques. Check out our site when you are ready to buy indoor playgrounds online.