Tips For Getting Your Kids To Exercise This Winter

It is common knowledge that regular physical exercise is important for good health. The problem is that it may be hard for your kids to maintain their daily exercise in the cold winter months. It is tempting for them to just curl up on the couch, especially when it is freezing outside. However, children and teenagers require at least an hour of moderate to vigorous exercise each day to maintain a healthy body mass and be fit. Therefore, we have put together some ways that you can encourage your kids to exercise this winter.

Going to another Indoor Place

Your kids may get a little restless at home in the winter months. Going to another indoor location can keep them from feeling cooped up. Better yet, you can take this chance to get them to engage in some physical exercise. Some activities that are fun for the whole family include bowling, swimming, ice-skating and even going to a trampoline park.

Taking an Indoor Class

Enrolling your kids in a class gives them an opportunity to take an interest in and learn something new, as well as make new friends. Winter is a perfect time to do so as there are limited other activities they can take part in. There are likely to be many inexpensive indoor classes in your community that your kids would enjoy, such as gymnastics, roller skating, rock climbing and more.

Going Outdoors

Even though the weather is cold, your kids can enjoy themselves outdoors as long as they put on more layers. Thick and warm socks, gloves, scarfs and hats will also help to keep out the cold. Your kids will be ready to run around outside with their friends, play basketball or take a walk in the park. The more active they are, the less the cold will bother them.

Daily Activities

Another great way for your kids to get in regular exercise is by incorporating it into their daily routine. Any activity that increases their heart rates counts as exercise. For example, you can encourage them to take the stairs occasionally instead of the elevator. Getting the mail, walking the dog or going for a jog in the park are also great examples of daily exercises.  If you have exercise equipment at home that your kids can use, it would be even more convenient for them to get in daily exercise. Ideally, your kids should engage in an hour of physical activity per day.

Restricting Screen Time

A key reason why children these days do not get enough exercise is because they spend too much time watching TV, playing video games and using their phone. Research has shown that children average more than seven hours a day of screen time. That is an obscenely long time to be glued to a screen. Limiting your kid’s screen time per day will push them to find other healthier and more active forms of entertainment. You can encourage this by introducing them to different forms of exercises, such as the ones mentioned above. Alternatively, you can provide them with a fun way to exercise at home, such as by having an indoor playground or gym. If they get into the habit of regular exercise, it will contribute to their good health in the long term.