What Should Your Children Eat to Complement Their Exercise Regime?

An exercise regime requires a balanced diet with all the nutrients. It’s easier to figure out what to eat for adults but for kids, not so much.

Children grow fast and are active most of the time. Therefore, they need to snack regularly and get enough food to encourage growth.

Before deciding what to give them, some of the factors you should consider are:

  • Their age. Tweens and teens (especially boys) generally eat more than younger children
  • Do they have allergies? If yes, pay close attention to what you offer them
  • How much you have set aside for food
  • How often they eat in a day
  • The type of exercise they do. Some workouts need more food than others

Some perfect foods for a child as they strive to maintain a trim frame are:

1.Brown Rice

Brown rice is a whole grain that can be mixed with just about any food. When compared to white rice, it’s more nutritious since it contains the three critical parts of the grain kernel: The starchy middle layer (endosperm), the outer layer that’s rich in fiber (bran), and the core that’s rich in nutrients (germ).

It enhances the activity of glutathione peroxidase that elevates HDL cholesterol levels in overweight people. The fiber in it helps keep one full and regulate their bowel movements.


Spinach is a super vegetable that boasts a variety of nutrients such as magnesium, vitamins, iron, and riboflavin. As such, it’s a top food choice for general health maintenance, weight loss, and fitness.

Raw spinach may not appeal to your kid, but like brown rice, this nutritious veggie offers lots of room for creativity in terms of preparation. From a tasty spinach & pineapple popsicle to spinach soup, the options are endless.


Having an egg or two in the morning is healthier than munching on bacon or white bread anytime. Ordinarily, a hard-boiled egg contains several vital nutrients such as choline, which boosts metabolism, and lutein and zeaxanthin that promote good eyesight. It also has an impressive 78-calorie count.

When preparing them, lay off the butter or oils as it increases the fat and caloric contents. Just boil them.


Fruits are very convenient. Most of them don’t need cooking. Plus, when it comes to nutritional value, they’re at the top.

They keep you feeling full thanks to their fiber and water contents. They’re also low in calories and rich in natural sugar fructose that is harmless if eaten in small amounts. Fruit juice may not be an ideal choice unless you blend it at home.


If your child is a vegetarian or you’re looking to cut down their meat intake, beans are the perfect replacement. 

Kidney beans and black beans are some ideal options for healthy beans. They are rich in protein and fiber that keeps you full for a longer time. To increase the nutritional value of beans, boil them for several hours before cooking them.