Why Do Children Enjoy Climbing?

Imagine being a kid whose height is just a little above your kneecap level. Being just over 4 feet tall, much of the things around you is too tall for you to reach! Having such a small physique, it is no wonder that climbing is instinctive for them. 

Climbing provide loads of developmental benefits as well!

Activities, especially more rigorous ones, helps their little bones and muscles grow strong. Climbing also allows them to learn more about their bodies through the sensations that they’re feeling. It is important to bear in mind that giving your child the opportunity to participate in free play gives them the opportunity to explore and learn more about the world. These experiences promote inquisitive minds, good judgement, critical thinking skills and innovation. These qualities are very much essential in surviving today’s world and should not be forsaken.

Importance of physical activity for children

Climbing can pose certain potential safety risk to your child. Parents should react accordingly to the situation so as to prevent harm. However, parents should not completely deny their children the experience of climbing or any other challenging physical activities for that matter. Though It may seem unlikely, many of the things that we learn during our childhood is applicable towards how we face things in adulthood. Children who are over-protected and unable to participate in such experiences won’t have the opportunity to learn and challenge themselves. Without this opportunity to train one’s mind and face challenges, the child might not be experienced to conquer challenges later on.

While keeping safety in mind, certain safety precautions should be taken to ensure your child’s safety while climbing!

Safety Precautions

Upon witnessing a potential issue, do take a moment to think if the situation is hazardous before taking action. For example, if a child is perhaps stuck to playground equipment which does not pose any risk to your child, do not take action. Give them the time to figure things out themselves and watch as they develop their problem solving skills.

When need to, provide a helping hand to your child by providing clues to solve their problem. However, it is essential that you try to leave the problem solving to your child. Providing prompt such as “Lifting the rubber band above could help!”  or “Try lifting your hand.” can help your child formulate ideas to overcome the issue.

Once the situation has been resolved, praise your child for a job well done and implant the learning lessons within the praise! This will help to consolidate their learning and motivates them to solve problems. Some examples of this could be “Wow! Good job on figuring out that you have to push the rubber bands aside to let your leg free!”.

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