Are Your Kids Engaging In Aerobic Exercise?

Are Your Kids Engaging In Aerobic Exercise?

Aerobic exercises are cardiac activities, which make the heart pump faster by increasing the heart rate and breathing. It is a fun and engaging way to get your kids to move and exercise. This aids in their development, both physically and mentally. Its main benefit lies in the strengthening effect it has on the heart and the general cardiovascular system such as the lungs. Regular aerobic exercise is key in making sure their bodies grow properly and to prevent childhood obesity as well.

What is Considered Aerobic Exercise?

Aerobic refers to oxygen or free oxygen. So aerobic exercises are exercises that aim to supply more air or oxygen from the heart to their muscles. This sends more nutrients to the muscles as well, making your child stronger and building their endurance.

This is different from anaerobic exercise, in that this involves quick bursts of action followed by periods of rest in between. When engaging anaerobic sports, your child’s heart rate will still increase but it does not stay there for long periods. It provides a different workout for your child and help them develop in different ways. It is important that your child has a balance of both aerobic and anaerobic exercises.

Benefits of Aerobic Exercises for your Kids

Not all kids like to play around. They may be interested in activities that does not have much movement such as reading or drawing. However, every child needs a certain amount of physical activity in order to develop and grow normally. Aerobic exercises can keep your child heart and lungs healthy, prevent obesity, strengthens muscles, build immunity, fight depression and even improve your child’s social skills!

Types of Aerobic Exercises

Any exercises that help your child breath faster and increase their heart rate is considered aerobic. Running is one of the most common aerobic exercises and is something that your child will do frequently. They run around all day long, playing catching with their friends. What you can do can be to take them to run at the park or in your own yard. Try to make this an everyday habit to ensure that your kid gets adequate amount of physical activity on a daily basis. Other activities include jumping rope, skateboarding and rollerblading, bicycling, aerobic dancing and many other sports. There are so many activities out there that can engage your child in physical activities! If not, a good alternative would be to bring your child to a playground. The key here is to ensure that your child moves around adequately to keep their hearts fast and pumping.

Aerobics is fun!

It is important that we start inculcating the habit of exercising early on in your kids and we can start first with fun aerobics! The most important thing is for your kids to have fun and do something that they enjoy. With this in mind, an indoor playground may just be the perfect fit for your child! Not only so, there are a range of products that your kids will love at Fitness Kid. Head on down to find out more!