Benefits Of Tree Climbing

Benefits Of Tree Climbing

Tree climbing is typically seen as a challenge by most children as they feel a sense of accomplishment when they are able to climb a tree. Although there are risks involved in risky play activities such as tree climbing, as a parent, you can help to make a difference in this. When children are given the right support and instructions by you, they will able to benefit from the activity of tree climbing.

Improves Self-Confidence

During tree climbing, they can learn to trust themselves and make a decision on how they should proceed in the next of tree climbing. In their daily lives, boosting their self-esteem helps children to rationalize with the choices that they made and remain confident in them. It also makes them more resilient as they are exposed to the likelihood that they might become injured but still choose to persevere on in their quest of tree climbing. In the future, having a resilient attitude allows them to face physical and mental problems with greater ease and calm.

Develop Physical Strength

Climbing trees is a great way to increase children’s physical strength as they develop gross motor skills. When they are climbing trees, they will make use of their entire body to pull them branches and the trunk and in the process, they will be mostly be making use of their hands.

Beneficial to your Children’s Nervous System

When children are climbing trees, their brains are working on forming new neural networks, which helps to develop their nervous system.

Learn Problem Solving Skills

Children are able to learn problem solving skills as they navigate their way up a tree. This is a soft skill that becomes extremely useful in school or work as they learn how to come up with solutions when faced with challenges or difficult issues.

Sensory Experience

Tree climbing provides a great sensory experience for children. It is extremely beneficial for their development as they are getting exposed to a type of environment that they have never experienced before.

How You can Help your Children

Other than knowing about the benefits of tree climbing, you can also help to prepare your children for tree climbing. Firstly, wait for them to become ready to climb a tree and they should not be forced or coaxed into climbing a tree by you. They should be given time to prepare themselves and understand the concept of climbing a tree. Next, when they are ready to climb a tree, allow them to do it themselves and step back to watch them. However, if you think that your child is in an unsafe position, you can ask if they feel safe and help when required.

Tree climbing is a great risk play activity for children’s development and growth as they are able to explore the new environment and gain benefits. However, if you are still worried about the risks involved in tree climbing or face certain constraints in providing such an environment, you can consider indoor gyms. Similarly, indoor gyms by Fitness Kid are able to provide the benefits mentioned above in an indoor environment.