Advantages Of Using Vertical Ladders Of Home Gyms For Kids

Advantages Of Using Vertical Ladders Of Home Gyms For Kids

Have you ever wondered why most home gyms for kids come with a built-in vertical ladder? These vertical ladders of home gyms can also be found at playgrounds, jungle gyms and most playsets for children. This is because vertical ladders provide a host of fitness benefits for young children. Let us take a in-depth look at them in this post.

Enhancing Gross Motor Skills

Young children are at that stage in their life where they are still learning how to use their bodies. Having a home gyms with vertical ladders will allow them to hone and develop their gross motor skills. Gross motor skills involve the larger muscles in the arms, legs, and torso. These muscles are utilised when we walk, run, throw, carry, kick, etc. They are also precisely the muscles that young children would have to use when climbing up and down a vertical ladder. Gross motor skills are important because they enable us to perform our daily duties. They help to boost to other physical skills such as body awareness, balance, reaction speed and strength. Children who get the opportunity to hone their gross motor skills from a young age tend to perform better in sports. This can help to boost their self-esteem and confidence, as well as help them to make more friends.

Strengthening Muscles

Climbing up and down a vertical ladder utilises muscles in the arms, torso and legs. This means that playing on a home gym every day will allow your child to effortlessly strengthen their muscles when having a ton of fun. Muscle strength is important as it helps young children to perform their everyday activities. For example, carrying a heavy school bag, climbing stairs and playing sports all require muscle strength. Developing a good physical foundation through strong muscles helps young children to be healthy and limber as they grow. Stronger muscles also serve to reduce risk of injury in your child’s everyday activities.

Encouraging Imagination

The vertical ladders of home gyms are simple contraptions but in the minds of creative young children, they can be so much more. While climbing the vertical ladder, your children can picture themselves in all sorts of exciting scenarios. They could be climbing Jack’s beanstalk to see the giant. They could be climbing Mount Everest. They could even be climbing up the vertical ladder to escape from hungry crocodiles below! The possibilities are only limited by their imaginations. As you can see, vertical ladders are great for encouraging imagination which is important fostering cognitive and social development. Imagination involves critical thinking, creative thinking, and innovation which are valuable cognitive skills. By honing their imagination from a tender age, you are bringing your child one step closer to unlocking their full intellectual potential.

Now that you know all the wonderful benefits provided by vertical ladders of home gyms, invest in one today by installing a home gym for your family. Our home gyms at Fitness Kids can be used by the whole family which allows you set a positive example for your children by using it as well. Don’t wait, get one today!