Engage Your Abs Through Hanging Leg Raises

Engage Your Abs Through Hanging Leg Raises

Throughout your workout routine, you likely participate in numerous types of exercises. One of the most beneficial to your abs, however, are hanging leg raises. These can also be referred to as Roman chair leg raises, captain’s chair hanging leg raises, hanging knee raises, or a vertical crunch. In addition to working your abs, they can benefit your obliques and hip flexors. This exercise is considered to be at the intermediate level of exercise.

Workout Equipment

Found in many of today's gyms is a workout frame referred to as the Roman chair or the captain’s chair. But how do you use it?

First off, you stand in the frame of the equipment. As you raise your legs, to support your body weight, you use the chair’s two arms. Easy, right? Ask your abs after a few repetitions!

Can You Do Hanging Leg Raises?

If you're going to do hanging leg raises, you'll need to be able to support your full body weight, which requires significant upper body strength. The frame of the piece of exercise equipment will also be utilitarian for your purpose.

The thing about this exercise is that it helps to work several muscles at a time. So, it's highly beneficial to your strength training routine. Only, however, if you're ready.

Hanging Leg Raises – The Benefits

Hanging leg raises introduce isolation techniques. We've already covered the fact that this exercise targets your rectus abdominus (abdominal muscles). But it is also of benefit to your external obliques and your iliopsoas (hip flexors).

When you carry groceries, climb stairs, etc., many muscles are engaged in your everyday movement. They must work together and coordinate for you to live a relatively active lifestyle. So that you can strengthen and develop problem areas, hanging leg raises work as an isolation exercise.

Hanging Leg Raises – Concentration to Avoid Mistakes

As good as hanging leg raises are for your body, mistakes made while executing this type of exercise can be detrimental. Keep in mind the following:

  • Engage your core – Before you lift your legs, engage your core. Key toning benefits will be missed if, before you engage your ab muscles, you lift your legs. Additionally, you could get injured.
  • Do not arch your back – Your neck and head should be steady. Keep your back pressed against the pad and straight – not arched – as you do your leg raises.
  • Breathe – When you exercise, it's important that you don't hold your breath. It might seem like a silly reminder, but you'd be amazed how many people forget to breathe or hold their breath to concentrate on strength.
  • Control your movements – Don't make the mistake of relying on momentum or swinging your legs rather than lifting them. Remember, they're called leg "lifts", not leg swings.
  • Arm straps – In case you're having a difficult time gripping the frame, some people turn to the aid of arm straps. This is completely allowable if it helps you do the exercise correctly and effectively.

Indoor Playground/Gym Equipment for Full-Body Exercise

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