Fun Games To Motivate Your Kids To Exercise

Fun Games To Motivate Your Kids To Exercise

Play helps children to grow physically and mentally. This is an established scientific fact and many parents are encouraged to get their children as much physical activity as possible. While there are many games out there, a parent might be wondering what other new games they can teach their children to play. We have put together a few suggestions that will not only help your child to exercise but will also be great fun for everyone involved.


Running is one of the best forms of physical exercise. It is also the simplest to undertake as all one needs is just space. To help your kids along, organize for them to race and compete against each other. You can also help make it more exciting by having simple gifts for participants that will motivate your kids to participate and have a great time while at it.

Rope Skipping

This is also an old classic that only requires a skipping rope and some space. Rope skipping works best when it is incorporated as part of another set of games. It is an easy and simple way to get the kids warmed up (such as before a race) and it has numerous benefits including cardio workout. These will help keep your child fit as well as offer great health benefits.

Obstacle Games

This is a variant of the racing game that can be played using an indoor gym and incorporate other ordinary things around the house. The idea is to get kids to race while overcoming various obstacles around the route. This requires some forethought and planning. Set out the course with a piece of chalk and ensure that whatever obstacles that you pick are unlikely to harm anyone. This means nothing with sharp edges or corners. Apart from physical obstacles, you can add some mental ones as well. For example, participants can be required to solve a puzzle at some point in the race. This adds to the fun and challenge.


Soil, mud, and plants can be great fun if set up correctly. For this, you will need a patch of ground and soil where you can grow stuff. You might need some pots, gardening trowels and a few other gardening tools. Involve the kids in simple things that they can handle. For example, once the seedlings are planted, you can get the kids to cover them up with soil which is relatively easy. You can also get them to water the plants which is also fun as kids love to play with water.


Dancing is one of the most fun and active things that you can get your children to do. It also does not require much, just music and space. You can come up with dozens of dance routines and as long as you are moving your bodies, everything else is fine. There are ways to can make dancing fun is to get the kids to make a dancing video. This only requires a video recorder or a phone to make it happen.

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